3 Hours to Hotter Sex – Tonight!

Got three hours? That’s all you need to seriously rev up your sex life. Just follow these steps on your way home from work tonight and you’ll be ready to go by dinner-time. (The lasagna can wait).


That history of contagious diseases book won’t do much for you, but an erotic novel might hit the spot. Medical sexologist Dr. Susan Kellogg tells YourTango.com, ”Research suggests that women experience increased spontaneous arousal and desire if they have ready access to a library of arousing images and associations. When you read erotic literature, you create a little library in your brain.” A library where you don’t have to use your quiet voice! And when you’re in need of an instant libido boost, Kellogg says, “You can very consciously choose to focus on a passage you read and found stimulating when you want to increase your sexual arousal.” Bonus: reading an erotic short story or listening to a book on tape makes for a much more enjoyable commute home from work.


Get all hot and sweaty to get all hot and sweaty again–stop by the gym for a quick workout on your way back from the office. Just forty minutes of moderate exercise will get your blood pumping and your nervous system firing…and when you increase blood circulation, you increase it to every part of your body. Hint, hint. (We’re talking about your fun naked places). Need motivation to keep it up long-term? Multiple studies have linked sexual satisfaction with fitness in women. And a study earlier this year found that middle-aged men benefit too—losing abdominal fat can increase circulation to the penis, leading to better performance. Weight loss was also linked to an increase in testosterone and sex drive. Hmm, now where did you put those sneakers?


What’s that smell? Oh, just the foreshadowing of great sex ahead! The scent of cucumber and licorice have been found to increase vaginal blood flow by 13 percent, and pumpkin pie and lavender by 11 percent. The scent that gets men going? Plain ol’ vanilla. Did somebody say pumpkin pie, ice cream, and cucumber mojitos for dinner?! (Fine, or you can light some scented candles).

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Kristal M
Kristal M18 hours ago

Thx. Every little bit of info helps!

Leanne K
Leanne K7 days ago

Hotter sex
And wanting hotter sex is definately something women grow into, Im not sure we can say that about all men

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good info

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Sophie M23 days ago

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Jetana A
Jetana Aabout a month ago

The stimulating foods/ smells were a surprise!

David C
David Cabout a month ago

3 hrs from now I will be asleep

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JD Sheabout a month ago

Licoriche is stanky

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Jessica Kabout a month ago

Scent of cucumber...interesting info. Thanks.

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