3 Unusual Eco-Easter Egg Projects

It’s time to get cracking on creating beautiful Easter eggs. With Easter just a few days away, check out some of these Easter facts. Then dig into all the natural egg goodness of eco-DIYing Easter eggs.

5 Facts About Easter Celebrations

1. Eggs represent rebirth. The tradition of giving eggs represents new life and traces back to ancient cultures.

2. Easter is late this year because it is always the first Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the first day of spring.

3. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend an average of $116.59 on Easter, candy gifts, food and decorations.

4. The Easter Bunny arrived in America with the Germans in the 1700’s.

5. According to Nielsen, Americans buy about 61 million eggs during the week leading up to Easter.

3 Unusual Natural Easter Egg Projects

1. Egg Messages

Having an Easter egg hunt? Hide messages right inside the egg and start filling up a basket. Check out Poppytalk’s tutorial.

2. Book Page Eggs

Do you have some damaged books lying around or an old newspaper? Lemontree Creations puts the pages to reuse on these literary eggs. Head over to Lemontree Creations for the tutorial.

3. Super Natural Dyed Eggs
To create the eggs in the main image from Curbly, grab a few free-range eggs, vinegar and spices and follow these video directions:

Credits: Curbly, Poppytalk, Lemontree Creations

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