4 Secrets for Living

I would like to share these four “secrets” for living:

  1. Being content and fulfilled in life does not really come from the success of your results. True contentment comes from being completely present and conscious of the experience of what you are doing in any given moment.
  2. Every relationship we encounter in our lives uncovers a part of us we need to see in order for us to become more aware of who we really are.
  3. BEING in your field of now means showing gratitude for life as it is, whatever it is and as it is.
  4. Do not mind whatever happens!

To help you achieve these four secrets, I offer the following exercise. At first, you may think it’s just another trivial exercise. However, when you practice it as part of your life on a consistent daily basis, you will find it is absolutely the most powerful action that you could ever perform. The results have been amazing and even life-changing for my students.

Now I know some of you will try it for a few days and probably not take anything from it. And some of you will try for a few days and realize it is not about the taking from it or results that it provides you. You will find it is the state of BEING that it has you access that makes it have such a profound effect on your relationships. So here it is:

For the first three seconds of meeting someone, be in a total state of thoughtless awareness.

This goes for meeting the cashier at the store or the UPS delivery person or the teller at the bank, or even your spouse or your children for that first time greeting them in the morning….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Tom Ventullo is a certified Life Planning Coach.

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Carole R.
Carole R.2 years ago

Breathing ..... breathing is another secret to living. Then again, I guess it really isn't a secret. How about "be happy"? I like that one. :0)

tanzy t.
tanzy t.2 years ago

Listening shows interest.

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Thanks for sharing :)

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Mary F.2 years ago

Never do to others what you would not want done to you!

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Julia Staten2 years ago

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Thank you :)

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Great secrets. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing!