4 Tips: Making Family Meals Fun (video)

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to come to the dinner table? Parent Earth expert and mother of two,
Laurie David, shares her secrets to making dinnertime more appealing for children.

Name your Nights- Get kids excited about mealtime by creating simple themes such as Taco Tuesday or Meatless Monday. Your kids can have something to look forward to and this will turn a regular night into a special occasion.
Get kids into the kitchen-Try giving your kids simple tasks during meal preparation, they will feel like they participated and get a sense of pride and ownership over their creation. Check out Nicole and her daughters make tasty granola, the girls have so much fun and are more likely to try something new: How to Make Healthy Granola with Children
Create rituals- No stress! Just try to turn any family activity into a regular event. A Sunday Night family potluck dinner or even just tea before bed can become a great time for bonding and sharing with your children.
Participation Meals-Kids love having the option to personalize their food, make sure you provide healthy options and let them build their very own creation.

What are your tips for making family meals fun?

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