5 Cannabis Products Changing the Way We Think About Marijuana

There’s a renaissance happening in the world of cannabis products, due in large part to the growing trend of legalization across the country. As new markets come online, consumers are demanding new types of products. In markets which are legalizing, the fastest growth demographics are among women and adults over 50.

In response to these growing customer segments, cannabis operators are responding with innovative types of products. Largely gone are the days of plastic baggies filled with non-descript marijuana. Almost all legalized states require lab testing results to be included on product labels and there is a growing understanding of the role various cannabinoids and terpenes play in dictating the effects of marijuana.

The rapid evolution of cannabis products serves an expanding base of customers who seek out everything from unadulterated flower to cannabis-oil infused lip balms. Here, we’ll examine some of the newer types of products emerging in the industry.

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CBD Water

The infused beverage market has shown a great deal of growth in the last two years. This has been especially evident in the market for cannabidiol waters and sports drinks. Cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD, is the second-most common cannabinoid in cannabis and is non-intoxicating. CBD has been used to reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating effects associated with other cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD’s ability to alleviate pain and inflammation has made it an invaluable source of relief to many, from the weekend warrior with sore muscles or older patients looking for an alternative to treat chronic pain. It has also shown great promise in treating seizures and epilepsy conditions.

Several cannabis companies have developed CBD water products to help make it easier for consumers to get reliable dosing of CBD. One manufacturer, CBD Living Water, has worked to develop proprietary technology to help improve the bioavailability of the CBD in their products. CANNAKI Premium CBD Water makes CBD water and water infused with THC. Finally, professional Motocross rider, Tyler Bereman, collaborated with Gen X to create a new line of CBD water that is intended to treat sports injuries.

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Cannabis Mints and Gum

Edibles now go far beyond the familiar “weed brownie” that many associate with the segment. For instance, Milo Confections developed Betta Mints, breath fresheners infused with 5mg to 20mg of THC per mint. Also in the mint category, Pure Ratios developed a line of lozenges formulated with a time-release system that provides the CBD and/or THC effects over a sustained period of time.

In the gum space, Chill Gum and High Balls each have chewing gum infused with cannabinoids. High Balls reinvents the classic childhood candy by infusing THC into a vegan-friendly, gluten-free gumball, while Chill Gum uses hemp derived CBD for 10mg of CBD per cool mint gum tablet.

Cannabis Caffeine

Several operators have looked to formulating blends of cannabinoids and caffeine to make cannabis-infused coffee and teas with the intention of removing the nervous agitation that often transpires after a cup of caffeine. Canyon Cultivation’s coffee is made with Guatemalan beans and a low dose of 10mg of THC per bottle. Jane’s Brew makes bottled gourmet teas in green tea, sweet tea, and tropical passion tea flavors, each infused with 100mg of THC. Pot-O-Coffee has provided a similar product, though they haven’t limited themselves to coffee and have included green tea and hot chocolate options. Additionally, Pot-O-Coffee are marketing to consumers who prioritize convenience by developing K-Cups for their cannabis-infused beverages.

Pet Medicine

The U.S. pet medication market has surged in the last four years and is expected to bring in $10.2 billion in revenue by 2018. Operators are capitalizing on the expansion with cannabis-based pet medicines and treats that aim to be a natural, noninvasive solution to animal ailments.

Treatibles and Serena Pet make pet medicines and treats with hemp-based CBD that include specific dosing instructions for a range of ailments. Perhaps most notable of the pet medicine brands is VET CBD, a California-based company and product created by Dr. Tim Shu, a veterinarian who makes it his mission to advocate cannabis’ effectiveness as an alternative to traditional prescription medications. Where VET CBD differs is in their use of whole flower, rather than hemp based, CBD to make their lab tested tincture.

Note: Veterinarians are not allowed to sell or prescribe cannabis directly to pets. Pet owners still need to get a cannabis recommendation themselves and then buy cannabis-infused pet products from a local retailer.

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Wellness and Beauty

Similar to operators in the marijuana industry, beauty and wellness companies are experiencing rapid change in their own industry, as well. This shift makes for a consumer base that is ready for a cannabis and wellness co-evolution that will produce a number of products that aim to provide pain-relief and bodily relaxing properties with the aid of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Consumers with a desire for inexpensive beauty products that are both luxurious and provide a general sense of wellness have an array of choices with brands like Gemstonz, Made from Dirt and Forbidden Leaf, who each make an array of lotions, lip balms and hand soaps. Papa & Barkley focuses more on health, with products that target pain relief with “Releaf” tinctures, massage oils and transdermal patches that slowly release cannabinoids for up to 12 hours.

De La Beuh’s marketing lies at the crossroads of wellness and beauty with bath bombs that promise to “heal while your bathe” and “give you a spa experience in your own bathroom.”

Nicolas Gonzalez-Podesta is the Director of Science and Education at Weedmaps. He directs Weedmaps’ educational initiatives and works with a range of professionals including scientists, government officials and educators. Weedmaps is the world’s largest marijuana technology company working with enterprises, governments, and consumers to provide the leading cloud platform to power the marijuana industry.



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@ shana I : I personally believe most people would like to see it as a medicinal product and NOT a legalized drug for amusement ! The big problem is that in many countries Marijuana, on doctor's prescription are STILL forbidden and people suffer unbearable pains. And that is shameful !! It is even NOT tried as a LAST and ULTIMATE medication!! It is forbidden, so you don't get it !! And mind you : Alcohol is also a drug !!!! and tobacco as well !!!! However both of these, you can simply buy in each and every shop, without any description at all. So you can buy 3 bottles of rum or whiskey each day and it is perfectly okay !! Have you seen already someone who drinks 2 or 3 liters of alcohol on a daily basis (and I don't mean bear, or likely products having only 5 - 6 % of alcohol, but those of over 40 % of alcohol contents) Even - for your info - alcohol free beverages contain an average of 0,5 percent of alcohol !!! Well, the alcoholics I mentioned first all have deadly liver diseases, risk heart failures, are divorced and have abused, beaten, or raped their wives and daughters for many, many years ... So, I think abuse of alcohol is as bad as abuse of too much marijuana. Scientists must prescribe a daily maximum and it should be available on doctors' prescription only, just as is the case now for fentanyl or oxycodons...

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Well, if these would have been questions in a quiz, I may got 1 correct answer, but no more. In Belgium, Marijuana is totally forbidden, therefore no good information available. Of course, I could go to Holland to get my portion of Marijuana, to reduce my pain, and nothing else, but the quantity I can import legally is so small, I think I I may need 2 orders a week. And when Customs would see I ordered two packages a week, I could get problems with the Justice Authorities. Knowing that it is better, less addictive then the Oxycodon and the Fentanyl I have to take each day, our legalization is completely WRONG. Of course we know WHY : Governmental Department of Health and the Pharmacy Industry are very BIG FRIENDS... It is just simply REPULSIVE and DISGUSTING. It's known for years and years that Marijuana is far more pain releasing and far less addictive than opioids, it is just a SHAME that the Euro's and Dollars win the fight, letting suffering millions of people. I hope this will change VERY soon, in ALL countries where it is still totally forbidden !!!!!!!

Many people in Belgium yearly ask and obtain euthanasia because of unbearable pain, but to my knowledge treatment with marijuana was never offered to these people. Oh no !! It's an illegal drug !!

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