5 Important Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital water-soluble nutrient that helps the body fight environmental damage, helps wounds heal, and can protect us from certain cancers. Here are some useful facts that will help you get more of this vital vitamin and utilize it in the best way.

Most people seem to believe that oranges and lemons are the richest sources of Vitamin C. However, there are several other vegetables and fruits that contain higher amounts of this super vitamin. Yellow and red bell peppers, papaya, kale, broccoli—all of these have more vitamin C than citrus fruits.

One 9-ounce glass of fresh, raw orange juice contains approximately 124 mg of vitamin C, which is more than the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances) guideline of 90 mg for healthy non-smoking adult males and 75 mg for females.

According to experts at  the University of Maryland Medical Centre, cooking vitamin C-rich foods or storing them for a long period of time can reduce the vitamin C content. Microwaving and steaming vitamin C-rich foods with very little water may reduce cooking losses. The best food sources of vitamin C are raw fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition researchers from Arizona State University report that too little vitamin C in the blood stream can adversely affect the body’s ability to burn fat – during both exercise and at rest. They add that people who have adequate vitamin C levels burn 30 percent more fat during a bout of exercise than those low in C!

A study published in Swedish medical journal Acta Derm Venerol states that Vitamin C is especially effective in protecting the skin from sun damage when taken in conjunction with vitamin E.

Yet another reason to quit smoking: Smokers are at a risk of being deficient in Vitamin C. The culprit: cell-damaging free radicals produced by smoke. These unstable compounds force a smoker’s body to use up Vitamin C more rapidly in order to counter the damage.



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I love, love, love red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, and of course oranges!!

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Such an interesting article! 35 years ago, my then husband, a smoker, caught colds regularly, giving them to our young daughter. My mother told me to give them vitamin C tablets. Sceptically, I tried it. The difference was incredible! It cut the number of colds by a mile! I have been a great believer in vit C ever since, for all the reasons mentioned in the article!

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Sean Gibbons3 years ago

For diabetics out there (I have type 1), high-levels of vitamin C have some negative effects on blood sugar levels, including higher blood sugars and inaccurate blood sugar readings from test strips.

I've read several articles on this (and done a few research reports). Here's an example of the elevation of blood sugars: