5 Incredibly Healthy Foods That Taste Like Ice Cream

Summer is finally here, and nothing beats the heat quite like a fresh scoop of ice cream. But, if you are lactose intolerant or trying to abide by a healthier lifestyle, a churned mash of refined sugar and cream may not be the best thing for you. Never fear! Here are 5 incredibly healthy foods that actually taste like ice cream!

Frozen bananas.

Commonly known as “one-ingredient ice cream,” frozen bananas, when thrown into a food processor, develop the thick, creamy consistency of soft serve ice cream. Toss in a little cocoa powder and nut butter to combine with the banana’s inherent sweetness to create a crazy delicious and healthy peanut butter cup “ice cream” treat. It’s a treat that both the intolerant and steadfast ice-cream-o-philes will adore.

Coconut milk.

If you are lactose intolerant, frozen coconut milk mimics traditional ice cream beautifully. You could even pop coconut cream into an ice cream maker along with additional flavorings and get similar results as you would with cream, except for the wonderful addition of a light coconut flavor. Plus, the healthy fats in coconut milk are known to assist with weight loss and metabolism. Eat ice cream and keep a trim tummy? Yes, please!


Or, really any berries for that matter. Pop a cup of frozen berries in the blender with a little greek yogurt and raw honey and viola – a healthy and refreshing treat! Realistically, this is more of a frozen yogurt than ice cream, but hey, it’s creamy and cold and full of berries! Who cares?

Cashew cream.

Similar to coconut milk, soaked cashews, when blended with water, create a naturally sweet cream. For a basic icy alternative, blend it with soaked dates/maple syrup and vanilla, freeze, stirring occasionally, and you’ve got yourself a plant-based ice cream that tastes absolutely delicious. Or, perhaps more easily, pop it all into the food processor with frozen fruit to make creamy soft serve.

Kale smoothie.

You read correctly. All it takes is a little kale, soaked cashews, frozen bananas, dates, vanilla, and ginger. Stuff it all in your favorite blender and watch the miracle ensue! How healthy and delicious does that sound? For more details, click here.

Don’t suffer from the ice cream blues. There are plenty of options out there for ice cream lovers who are looking for healthier alternatives. Do you have a good, healthy ice cream alternative? Share below!

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Lindsay Kemp
Lindsay K11 days ago

Not sure I'm very keen on the idea of Kale smoothie, but I might just give it a go! Thanks for sharing.

Margie F12 days ago

I love the first three.

Jetana A
Jetana A20 days ago

Splurging on real ice cream this summer, but when I clean up my diet once again I'll try these. Thanks for several new ideas. I've eaten frozen banana "ice cream" since back in the 80's.

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Ann B24 days ago

sounds great

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Tasty ... thanks for the article

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