5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog in 33 Seconds

As well as I thought I knew my Labrador, Gina, she even surprised me recently during this recent run at an AKC agility trial.  It never ceases to amaze me how much I continue to learn from my dogs. Here’s what Gina taught me in 33 seconds:

1. Don’t ever give up.

Even when you fall flat on your butt, you never know what will happen next. Get up and finish.

2. Life (and dog training) is supposed to be fun.

Don’t take life too seriously. When life throws you a curve ball, have fun with it.

3. Be prepared.

We practice cues from a huge variety of positions and locations ~ the floor, on the sofa, while doing a plank. And even though I never said “over” from the floor, I never knew how much all that practice would come in handy.

4. Praise and attention keeps you going.

Gina really responded to all the cheering at the end and picked up speed. Praise feeds your soul, no matter your leg count.

5. Reward. Reward. Reward.

Everybody likes to get paid, even dogs. She was immediately rewarded for a job well done. First with the cheering, next when she jumped on me right after the run, followed by her favorite treat, and then a game of fetch with her favorite ball.

What life lessons have you learned from your dogs? Thanks for sharing in a comment below.

Main Photo Credit: Erika Maurer
Photo of Lisa and Gina: Karen Gough

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Glennis Whitney
Glennis Whitney1 years ago

Love watching dogs in these trials they are fantastic, thank you for sharing.

Glennis Whitney
Glennis Whitney1 years ago

Great video Gina, whoops a daisy but you made it to the end, great doggy.

John S.
Past Member 2 years ago

Or that actions speak loader than words.

John S.
Past Member 2 years ago

I'm finding it hard to vision a dog falling on it's but, and I find it hard that you didn't learn anything about love.

Yolanda Magris
Yolanda Magris2 years ago

If we could all send some more time listening to animals!!!

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G2 years ago


Renata Rodrigues
Renata R2 years ago

Great lessons! In fact, our pets teach us lots of lessons every day!

Fei W.
Lana L2 years ago

nice list

Spencer Young
Spencer Young2 years ago

Learn it, then live it.

Michelle V.
Michelle V2 years ago