5 Must-Have Pieces for an Affordable “Green” Wardrobe

In this uncertain economy most of us are having to put off expensive purchases and clothes don’t always make the cut. However, with a few budget-conscious pieces you’ll be sitting pretty for years to come and always look pulled together.

Cozy Cardigan

We all have those “shlumpy days” when you want to run around in jeans and your old college T-shirt, you know the one you use to paint your bedroom and it clearly looks like it. Just throw on a great sweater! Cardigans can pull together an outfit and ensure you stay oh-so-comfortable while doing it. Look for a couple in bright colors and all-natural fabrics like wool, organic cotton or cashmere. These fabrics age well, get softer over time and are worth repairing should anything unfortunate happen. They look great with jeans, over a dress or with leggings and come in a variety of prices.

Jeans You Love
Expensive jeans seem ridiculous, “$100 for denim. Give me a break!” For everything else in your wardrobe, I’d agree with you but these are what a lot of us wear everyday. If you’re going to splurge, this is where to do it. Try on several pairs to find the ones that make you feel great. Dark washes are slimming and if you can find jeans with a little stretch, you’ll be picking up your kids in comfort. They’re an everyday staple so if you have to spend a little more you can justify it by knowing if they make you feel good, you’ll wear them often. There are many in the stores these days that use organic cotton and fair-wage labor. Levi’s has pairs for under $70.

Funky Accessories
Okay, I know “accessories” is more than one piece but they are too important to leave out. As you’ve probably heard “accessories make the outfit” and seeing how there are so many fun, affordable options out there it would be a shame to not to pay homage. My rule is to never pay more than $20 for anything “trendy” or “fun.” You can find fabulous pieces all over but my favorite places are thrift stores. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked away with a wonderful gem that adds just the perfect touch to an outfit. Easy to update with the changing trends, ensuring you’ll always feel and look like a million bucks. Handmade retail sites like Etsy are wonderful places to discover your favorite new designer and help an artist make a living. I’ve found wonderfully whimsical and unique jewelry here for a steal!

Comfortable Boots

Vintage, New or Cowboy–boots are the “must-have” footwear for anyone on the go. They go just as well with jeans or a dress and can be worn at home or work. They are comfortable and you don’t have to shave your legs. Okay, that last little bit was slightly revealing but I think you know what I mean. If you’re against animal products there are some wonderful and now affordable (yay!) vegan options. Also, boots are easy to polish or repair, even if you wear them everyday, they’ll still look stylish.

Sexy Wrap Dress
These dresses come in all colors, prints and sizes and are an absolute necessity when you’re having a “not-so-slim” moment. Something about the ingenious way they’re designed, the fabric falls onto your body highlighting your waist and pretty décolletage, while deftly camouflaging the rest. I own one in every color and they are my go-to item. Trust me ladies, you’ll feel very sexy. The Animal Rescue Site offers a variety of beautiful colors and with each Organic Cotton Wrap Dress purchased, The Animal Rescue Site will fund 28 bowls of food for animals living in sanctuaries and shelters.


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John D.
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Nice dress, but not all of us are small-waisted and large-hipped. Some of us (like me!) are what I call humpty-dumpties, like eggs with skinny arms and legs but with natural waists sometimes larger than our hips. Not much can be done with this shape, whether plump or slim, but just remember not everyone has large hips and a Scarlett O'Hara waist. We also have boobs and wrap dresses usually make us look like we are the head guard at the woman's prison.

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Sharyn Davis
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I have a few organic tshirts and I absolutely love them. Very comfortable :)

Kevin H.
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Yay, Etsy! It's my favorite place for online shopping.

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Kat F.
Kat Finn6 years ago

Thanks for the article! I'm glad to have found a vegan shoe boutique that has really cool styles that aren't as expensive as some other web boutiques I've visited.

Erin A.
Erin A.6 years ago

These are so cute.

Mimi Natural
Mimi Natural6 years ago

I love the sweater, jean, and boot look. Throw in a big purse and I am sold.

Mimi Natural
Mimi Natural6 years ago

I love the sweater, jean, and boot look. Throw in a big purse and I am sold.