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5 Crazy and New Genetically Modified Foods

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5 Crazy and New Genetically Modified Foods

By Sara Novak, Planet Green

Who would have known 20 years ago that so many of the foods that we eat would be produced in a lab rather than nature? Scientifically designed seeds are becoming a larger than ever portion of our diet and for the most part, it’s difficult for the consumer to even realize it because of a lack of labeling. According to Sustainable Table, about 200 million acres of farmland worldwide are now used to grow genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The most common GMO crops are soybeans, which represent 63 percent of all GMO crops, corn at 19 percent, cotton at 13 percent, and canola at 5 percent.

The list of seeds, and later foods that have already been modified also include alfalfa, tomatoes, chicory, flax, papaya, potato, rice, sugar beets, and squash. The future of our global food supply is laden with seeds, and most recently animals, modified for human consumption. You may be surprised to see what’s on the horizon.

None of these have been approved yet by the FDA, but with what we’ve seen so far, who’s to say that they won’t be in the future.

1. Super Chicken Eggs

New biotechnology is being used to develop genetically modified chickens that produce compounds that can be harvested from the eggs. The compounds in the eggs can be used to fight a range of diseases from diabetes, to viruses to tooth decay, according to Jacqueline Jacob and Richard Miles – Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. According to the BBC, UK scientists have developed genetically modified chickens capable of laying eggs containing proteins needed to make cancer-fighting drugs. While these additives may be beneficial on their own, I think most of us would prefer to know what medications and drugs we were taking, rather than getting them in the form of an egg. Let alone all the side effects from feeding people all these extra additives.

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Samantha, selected from Planet Green

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12:11AM PST on Dec 30, 2012


8:20AM PDT on May 8, 2011

I try to buy organic as much as possible - but due to cost I can't buy all organic - I thought banana's would not be genetically modified - hmmm time to rethink what I buy again!

2:17PM PST on Feb 26, 2011

35 years ago I read a library book called, "WEEDS, Guardians of Our Soil" by a Professor Coccaneur (SP?) I believe. In it, he pointed out the vital role that 'inconvenient' or unwanted plants (called weeds) play in keeping our soil fertile. GMOs are designed without a wink about the needed natural balance in nature. Today that same library, which was teaming with books on agriculture and how-to books on building chicken coops and brooders and pens for animals and planting and caring for orchards and gardens -have all been removed from those library shelves. The message is clear: do nothing yourself, just go to the store and take whatever is 'conveniently' delivered.

10:15AM PST on Feb 26, 2011

There needs to be no GMO foods because they are not REAL foods but synthetic food which are full of chemicals. There are too many toxins introduced to foods or in pesticides already. We need to get rid of them immediately.

6:37PM PST on Jan 27, 2011

lets not forget the affect on the humble bee , GMO's kill them and when there gone so is the human race !

5:32AM PST on Jan 14, 2011

i hate GM stuff, crazy stuff.

6:24PM PST on Jan 12, 2011

So these total morons who can't see past their test tubes aren't even capable of seeing that hyper producing seeds could cross with other seeds and therefor make wild plants that produce too many seeds...those plants then spread too fast and squeeze out others and upset the natural balance even more than it is.

It is STILL amazing to me how stupid (and selfish) some people can be.

They take no responsibility. None. They don't care one single little bit about you, me, their parents their children or anyone else.

Kurt Vonnegut in a video talked about how when he was young and worked as an advertising man at I believe it was GE that he saw the people that went about inventing things focused ONLY on inventing things, they not only didn't bother to connect the outcome with their actions, but apparently weren't even capable of seeing their part in whatever happened.

How sad is that?

They don't even understand cause and effect.

Makes a person kind of embarrassed to be human.

Stay informed, stand up for what is right and for all our sakes, please spend time with your kids so they don't grow up to be like those that are causing so many problems.

6:53AM PST on Jan 12, 2011


6:16PM PST on Jan 4, 2011

Melissa A shooting down someone's idea is never going to solve anything either! At least they are putting idea's out there. And those things can change if enough people start making some noise instead of just shooting down ideas saying "that will never happen". I had an idea about solar ten yrs ago. All the "smart" people in my support system said "that has been tried and it didn't work, don't bother". Well solar is everywhere around me now! I will never listen to a nay sayer again!! Things happen if you get up and do something!!!!

12:13PM PST on Jan 4, 2011

"Also, there are plenty of other solutions to world hunger that help the environment rather then harm it such as ending war, social justice, use of perennials, organic farming, crop and animal rotation, restoring soil ferility etc, etc. "

Really and what fantasy world do you come from? None of that will come to fruition, admit it and carry on with what we have.

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