5 Vegan Myths, Debunked.

There are a lot of vegan myths out there, and this infographic debunks four of the most common myths about veganism. I’ve thrown in one bonus myth for good measure.

In the infographic below from Ethical Ocean you can get some good information on vegan protein sources, choosing healthy vegan foods, eating vegan on a budget, and the accessibility of vegan foods.

Vegan Myth #5: Vegans feel Deprived

The one vegan myth that I wish this graphic would have addressed is the perception that veganism is about deprivation. One of my girlfriends went vegan just recently, and when we were talking about it, she said that she was going to miss ice cream. I assured her that there are tons of amazing vegan ice creams out there! Back in 2009, I even did a Vegan Ice Cream Challenge, where I reviewed six of the top brands of vegan ice cream. I know, I make big sacrifices in the name of finding the most delicious food for you!

Ice cream isn’t the only food you get to eat when you’re vegan. There are vegan versions of pretty much every dessert, and they’re not all made of processed ingredients (let’s call that Myth 5a). Check out these mini vegan cheesecakes, with all whole food ingredients, for example.

As with desserts, there are vegan cheeses — most of them nut-based — that are deliciously decadent and totally unprocessed. I recommend checking out Dr. Cow or Treeline cheeses.

Really, the list of delicious vegan food is endless, so rather than try to list everything here, I’d love to hear from you! If you’re vegan already, what did you think you’d miss that you found a great plant-based substitute for? What are some other foods that you’re afraid you’d miss if you went totally vegan? Let’s share tips and resources in the comments!

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about #5 on this list, check out the graphic for myths 1-4. Below the graphic I’ve got some resources to help you out even more, if you’ve been wanting to give a vegan diet a go! You can click the image to view a larger version.

Vegan Diet Myths

Vegan Resources

What are your favorite vegan resources for recipes, nutritional information, and lifestyle tips? Share yours in the comments!

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Jeanne R
Jeanne R6 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne R
Jeanne R6 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jeffrey Stanley
Jeff Sabout a year ago


Carrie-Anne Brown

interesting article, thanks for sharing :)

mitchell dawes
mitchell dawes3 years ago

Did you even read the article Heidi? Or did you just scroll down the page at once to parrot your local quack?

Elie N.
Elie N3 years ago

Very interesting facts !

Bea Pujatti
Bea P3 years ago

Some things I didn't know (in numbers at least), though generally I've seen these facts already stated in the past. Thanks for the article.

John S.
Past Member 3 years ago

You know Mike Tyson became a vegan in 2008, he had already stopped fighting. Of course, he also gave up prostitutes.

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey3 years ago

I don't think anybody would argue that Vegan baked sweets are tasty. Shortening, sugar, and flour are all vegan.

So are Soy sausages, lunch meat Tofurkey and just about any other substitute for meat. Are they healthier? No.

How about having high quality protein in your meal. Let's see now: Vegan: you must carefully balance each and every meal to get the complete proteins your body very much needs. Beans and rice is the only combination I know of that does this. Also you have to take a daily supplement for both B12 and DHA.

Or you could have a 4 oz. Wild Salmon fillet and meat all your requirements for the day.

What about when meat, real genuine meat(pork, chicken, beef and maybe even seafood) are actually grown in the lab from actual cells of these animals much like they are now "growing" organs for transplant? It will be real meat(vs. soy chemicals). It will taste and serve the body as real meat.

No animal suffering, depletion of the environment, green house gases. Where will you stand when that happens? What will your argument be then?

I am sure you'll think of something since you clearly chose a Vegan lifestyle for reasons other than your health.

Howard Crosse
Howard Crosse3 years ago

I am not a vegan but I found this post very interesting.