6 Reasons Why You Might Buy a $50 Light Bulb

Incandescent light bulbs will be phased out in 2014. Some will say bye-bye and good riddance, while others are still holding out for a mercury-free eco-alternative to CFL’s. But, there’s a new kid on the block that might fulfill everyone’s dreams.

General Electric has a new LED nine-watt bulb that is energy-efficient, has a 22,500 hour life span (twice the amount as a CFL), and to sweeten the pot even more, this bulb called the Energy Smart, will be healthier (see benefits below).

The catch: Start saving your pennies folks because this beauty costs $50.

Here are 6 reasons why you might be willing to pay more than you ever thought for a light bulb :

The Benefits of the Energy Smart LED Bulb:

1. It will last at least 17 years when used four hours a day.

2. It gives off light in all directions. It’s omnidirectional.

3. It uses 10 percent less energy than a 40 watt equivalent bulb.

4. There’s no mercury or other toxic junk floating around inside.

5. GE’s bulb has eight fins that run down the side. The bulb is designed to disperse light more evenly and take away heat, which is important for an LED to live a long life.

6. According to GE, if every American household bought just one, we’d save almost $400 million in energy costs and prevent 5 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions in one year.

Will this bulb be on your holiday list this year? Would you buy a $50.00 light bulb? Illuminate us with your thoughts about whether or not you think this is a green investment worth doling out your hard-earned bucks for.

Find out more about the Energy Smart LED Bulb.


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I do not think many will buy at this price. & only 10% more efficient it does not sound like an LED, which are much more efficient.

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Cecilia Levesque
Cecilia Levesque4 years ago

i just bought 6 LED's bulbs from Cellphoneshope" ya, who would think a phone company".
the cost was about $7.49 each on sale 20% off they came from china ...now do i think they are safe and reliable ? time will tell. You need to get use to the color it's more of a blue hue than yellow. one more thing two of the bulbs had to be returned did not work (CHINA?)
hopefully the new ones will hold up. Always trying to save money and go green.

Michele Wilkinson

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