6 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

If you regularly sleep sans pajamas, you’re in the minority. The vast majority of us sleep swaddled in some sort of clothing, be it shorts, a tee shirt or a full-on onesie. According to a national sleep survey from 2012, only 8 percent admit to sleeping naked. But did you know that sleeping naked is actually great for you? Here are 6 ways nixing your pajamas will improve your health and happiness.

Reduce insomnia

As you sleep, your body naturally dips in temperature. It’s beneficial for the body to cool down, and it encourages deeper, more restful sleep. If your body is overheated, wrapped in thick socks and pants, you may not be able to release excess heat, which could rob you of a solid night’s sleep. Studies have shown that insomnia and body temperature are closely related, so take off those clothes if you’re tossing and turning.

Improve metabolism

Reduce excess belly fat by balancing cortisol levels, your stress hormone. Cortisol levels drop between 10pm and 2am, so if you’re not getting enough sleep, you may have excess amounts of stress hormones in the body upon waking that could encourage excess belly fat. Sleeping in the nude/in cooler temperatures has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels with the potential of preventing type II diabetes. Sleeping in a cooler environment encourages the body to transform regular fat into metabolism-boosting brown fat, which is responsible for temperature regulation and improved insulin sensitivity. Participants in the study saw their health improve under these conditions in a matter of weeks — so get out of those ‘jammies already!

Age more slowly

When you sleep well, your body produces melatonin and growth hormone, both of which act as anti-aging agents in the body. Since sleeping in a cool (ahem, nude) environment encourages better, deeper sleep, it isn’t a far stretch to consider that sleeping pajama-less can stave off premature aging. It also encourages healthier skin, since there are now seams or waistbands pushing in and encouraging dryness or wrinkles.

Improve relationships

Skin on skin contact with your significant other increases the amount of oxytocin your body produces. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that increases bonding and feelings of attachment. Plus, you’re more likely to get frisky if there are no clothes standing in your way, which is also great for relationships!

Your sex organs will be happier

Exposing vaginas, naturally damp and warm places, to unobstructed air flow every night can help to reduce the growth of yeast and unwelcome bacteria. On the other hand, testes are meant to be cooler than the rest of the body. Testicles that are kept cooler by sleeping in the nude are apt to produce healthier sperm.

Improve self-esteem

We have a tendency to hide our bodies from ourselves. But, the more you acknowledge and inhabit your beautiful body, the more likely you will be to accept it for what it truly is. In this way, sleeping in the nude can actually improve your self-esteem over time. Embrace yourself, and slide your bare skin in between those crisp sheets. It will feel so good!

Sleeping naked allows you to be undeniably you. Let your body cool down, improve your health and embrace your physique. Give naked sleeping a try tonight!


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lynda l
lynda l4 days ago

But did you know that sleeping naked is actually great for you? Give naked sleeping a try tonight!

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Chelsea D5 days ago


Jewel C
Jewel C10 days ago

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Amy C
Amy C10 days ago

I'm going to look up the species of bird of paradise now! lol

Amy C
Amy C10 days ago

Feels great.

iskrica k
iskrica knezevic11 days ago

thank you!

Carl R
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Rosemary H
Rosemary H13 days ago

As for getting to sleep - my favourite way is to list the 39 species of birds of paradise. I always know next day exactly how far I got before I went to sleep, and if I've forgotten one I look it up in one of my books. (this goes back to convalescing after a stay in hospital earlier this year - I had time to read those books...) .......... Wearing a nightdress makes no difference as I visualise something like a parotia dancing like a ballet dancer with a tutu.... .or the superb bird turning into a circle with iridescent "eyes" and "smiley mouth"....

Rosemary H
Rosemary H13 days ago

But it's cold when you get out of bed.... especially in winter, when I can't afford to heat my house above a certain level! Throw off some bedclothes - I covered myself with only a sheet last night, then put the rest over me when I was cooler in the middle of the night.

bob Petermann
bob P14 days ago

Naturally I thank you for the article.