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6 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

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6 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

By Kirsten Harrell,

You are driving home from work and you suddenly get the urge to go a different route. You follow the urge only later to hear on the radio that there was a major accident on your usual route. You think to yourself, “what good luck!”

You wake up in the morning and remember that you dreamed that a family member was ill. You call the person and find out that she is not well. You think, “what a coincidence!”

Was it really luck or a coincidence? Or is there something more going on? Absolutely…it was your intuition at work!

The dictionary definition of intuition is an immediate insight or understanding without conscious reasoning. Intuition or hunches are the whispers from your soul, offering you guidance and direction. Intuition is a powerful source of information, creativity, and inspiration. When you follow your intuitive voice life flows more easily, things seem to fall into place, and you will experience less stress.

Inventors, business people, law enforcement officers, healers, and many others use their intuition regularly to make decisions and to achieve success. Intuition can help you make decisions at work and in your personal life – especially when you don’t have time to gather all the pertinent information. It can help you avert difficulties and tune into potential problems on a project. Your intuitive voice can help you with simple choices (like which route to take home) and big decisions (like which job to take).

Everyone has intuitive potential – men and women. It is a natural talent that everyone possesses. It is not something special limited to only a few gifted individuals. As a child, you freely accessed your intuition. Unfortunately, over time you likely received negative feedback from your peers, teachers, or family. You likely began to doubt your intuitive voice and shut down this channel of information. The good news is that with a little patience and practice you can strengthen and hone your intuition to create a valuable guidance system.

The first and most important thing that you can do to develop your intuition is to acknowledge and honor the intuitive messages that you are currently getting. Your intuitive voice is still there, you just need to tune into it. Start paying attention to and trusting those little hunches or gut feelings that you have. If you did nothing more than start honoring your intuitive impulses, you would find a dramatic improvement in your intuitive abilities.

Intuitive messages can come as a sudden “knowing,” gut feelings, thoughts, images, emotions, or bodily sensations. It is important to pay attention to the way your intuitive messages generally show up for you. Think back to what it felt like when you got the sudden urge to take a different route home (or some other intuitive event). What did that feel like? Was it a feeling? A thought? An image? It is important to pay attention to the details of an event like this, because it will help you understand the way you receive intuitive messages. Once you know what your intuition feels like, it makes it easier to discern between intuition and other messages like fear or wishful thinking.

In addition, you can begin some specific exercises and practices to further enhance your intuitive abilities.

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8:52PM PST on Nov 4, 2013

Thanks! Great tips! I have learned to listen to my intuition almost all of the time. It's only when I doubt it and go with my head or fear based decisions that I find myself in an undesirable situation.

6:23PM PDT on Jun 27, 2013

Whoa - you're putting the cart before the horse with these 6 steps. Yes, all those things help with intuition but first there are basic steps. I'm so intuitive people are astonished. I've written a book which I'll sell soon - a love story.

First, your body has to become a clear vessel for reception of natural messages. You become a clear vessel by being vegetarian, not smoking or drinking alcohol, no drugs - not even percription unless absolutely necessary to battle an illness like diabetes or cancer.

Next, you become more aware of everything around you in nature. Tune out the tv, the radio and all outer disturbances which program us to behave in a certain way.

Go take a walk out in the forest or fields, or by water and try to learn something every day from the animals and plants up close.

Do these things year after year until clarity is more and more obvious. Then and only then will the 6 steps above help with actually in-tuition or inner learning.

This way of living will help you and help the world because as Deepak Chopra says "You are not in the world. The world is in you."

I'm still learning each and every day - we all have a long way to go, and Care2 is on the right path.

12:07PM PDT on Jun 12, 2013

Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

8:57PM PST on Mar 3, 2013


7:09AM PST on Mar 3, 2013

good article..

4:22AM PST on Mar 2, 2013

Thank you

6:53AM PDT on Aug 12, 2012

great article

3:24PM PDT on Aug 2, 2012

I used to trust my intuition until it failed me in a very personal has taken me many years to be able to say I once again trust my intuition & that it is in act guiding me in the right direction. Thanks for the article.

5:09AM PDT on Aug 2, 2012

One day my mom and I were driving down the interstate and all of a sudden I saw the truck in front of us that had a couch in the bed slide off and go across the lanes in front of us. I slowed down and so did the car to the left of me. Not even a minute later the whole scene that I had just seen played out. If I had not of it could have been a big mess! Why did the other woman slow also? Just because I had or did she receive the same message??? I've had many others but none like that one and the time I saw a car come out of one of those turnarounds for authorized vehicles. It flew out and hit me in my door. I slowed and changed lanes. A few seconds later there it was a car flying out. I probably would've been killed! Needless to say I pay attention to those ( premonitions )!!!

12:59AM PST on Dec 5, 2011

I follow my intuition and it has served me well. My intuition told me I'd make a good math teacher for high school students, so that's what I'm studying to be. it also told me the types of jobs I'd like so I have one that I love, which I'll do until I become a math teacher.

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