6 Ingredients to Keep Off Salads


Salads are often seen as the pinacle of healthy eating. But just because something is a salad doesn’t mean it’s all that nutritious. Case in point, though this is obviously an extreme example, there are dozens of fast food salads that have more calories than a Burger King Whopper! Indeed, there are many ways to ruin your diet with a salad.Click through to find out more about them, the caloric punch they pack, and tips on healthy substitutions!

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1. Croutons

Nope, no nutritional value here — so why bother with adding them on to your otherwise healthy salad?

Average Calories Per Serving: 100

Try This Instead: Missing the crunch? Add flax seeds!

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2. Cheese (Lots of It!)

When used sparingly, cheese really doesn’t have to be that bad. But don’t compensate for an otherwise bland salad by piling on the yellow stuff!

Average Calories Per Serving: 113

Try This Instead: Just use less! Or, try out a low-fat cheese or even a vegan/soy variety.

3. Pita Bread

Often coated with butter and/or oil at restaurants, pita bread can pack in a lot of unnecessary calories.

Average Calories Per Serving: 300

Try This Instead: go for whole-wheat, and skip the oil and butter.

4. Calorie-Packed Salad Dressings

It’s amazing how many calories are hidden in dressings — drenching a salad in ranch or thousand island can add a couple hundred calories to your meal!

Average Calories Per Serving (for ranch dressing): 73 calories/tablespoon

Try This Instead: Use less of it, and go for lighter dressings, like Italian or Greek.

5. Processed Meats

This should probably go without saying, but adding processed & fried meats like bacon bits, ham and fried chicken is not a good idea. These calorie bombs are high in fat, cholesterol and all sorts of other things you don’t want. Same goes for fried meats.

Average Calories Per Serving: Varies, but it’s not pretty.

Try This Instead: grilled chicken. For a vegan option, try grilled tempeh!

6. Tortilla Bowl

Though it’s certainly fun to have an edible bowl, tortilla bowls rack up the calories and don’t offer much in return.

Average Calories Per Serving: 170

Try This Instead: A small handful of blue tortilla chips on the side.

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Julie vanberkel
Julie vanberkel3 years ago

The last one looks nice, although I am not guilty of any of the above, thank goodness!

Spencer Young
Spencer Young3 years ago

A lot of this stuff was used in order to start eating salads as children. Now, as adults we should all stay away from these toppings and go all nutural

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

The only bits of a salad I can eat are the things you are supposed to leave off...except no-one has mentioned a problem with the sliced hard-boiled eggs!

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Fi T.
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But don't keep veggies off

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Thank you :)

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Thanks for sharing.

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Linda F.
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if it doesnt have either feta, parmesano reggiano, aged cheddar or boccancini it isnt worth eating. long live humane cheese