Seven Lists to Green St. Patrick’s Day

I just love the double entrendre of greening your St. Paddy’s Day. So much so, I decided to dedicate today’s post to making your St. Patrick’s Day green not only in clothing, but in responsibility. Having said that, there are numerous posts out there on green drinks, green last-minute-plans guides, green family projects, you name it. Instead of writing yet another guide or how-to, I’m going to steer you in the direction of some great green, shamrock-like guides:

1. Green Drinks: In other words, alcohol that is locally produced and likely organic to boot, that you can actually order in a bar.

2. Ten Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day: From organic chartreuse roses to buying used green clothing items.

3. Green Hangover Cures: We know some of us will overindulge tomorrow night.

4. Send an SPD e-card and generate donations to great organizations, or send a Care2 e-card!

5. Vegan St. Patrick’s Day recipes: Including Shepherd’s Pie and Colcannon.

6. Organic Beer: Order these at the bar to do your green part this SPD – Bison Brewing (Berkeley); Butte Creek Brewing (Ukiah, CA); Eel River Brewing (Fortuna, CA); Sierra Nevada (Chico).

7. Make fun crafts with your kids: From recycled-paper shamrocks to green treasure bracelets.

In my case, I’ll be taking my sister’s kids swimming (tell me they don’t dye the pool green) and likely enjoying a green (sustainably speaking) drink with some friends after work.

- Jocelyn Broyles

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