7 Surprising Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley is a pretty little Mediterranean herb that lends a sprinkling of color to your plate. But let’s not think of it as just a garnish—after all, parsley has been around for more than 2000 years, and boasts some time-tested benefits that you should know about.

  • Parsley is rich in many vital vitamins, including Vitamin C,  B 12, K and A. This means parsley keeps your immune system strong, tones your bones and heals the nervous system, too.
  • It helps flush out excess fluid from the body, thus supporting kidney function. However, the herb contains oxalates, which can cause problems for those with existing kidney and gall bladder problems.
  • Regular use of parsley can help control your blood pressure. The folic acid in this herb is like a tonic for your heart.
  • Parsley essential oil, when massaged into the scalp, may reduce hair loss.
  • Use parsley daily, and you’ll feel relief from joint pain. That’s because the herb has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Parsley tea relaxes stiff muscles and encourages digestion.
  • Studies indicate that parsley—especially its essential oil—may have a role in inhibiting cancerous tumors. In fact, scientists have billed it a ‘chemoprotective’ food.

On my recent visit to France, I had the chance to enjoy several delicious dishes garnished with parsley. Now I am back in India, and while we here are partial to cilantro leaves, I am going to flirt with dainty parsley in my cooking. Your suggestions are welcome!

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