8 ‘Bad’ Habits That Are Good for You

There are certain habits that just aren’t polite to do in public — or at all. How many times have you winced at an acquaintance’s knuckle cracking, or been disgusted by a stranger picking their nose in traffic? The truth is, though, that many of these habits are cultural. What’s normal in one country or century may be disgusting and rude in another. If manners are little more than a social construct, then it makes sense that some of the habits we view as ‘bad’ really, actually, aren’t that bad at all. Click through to check out some of them.


1. Cracking Your Knuckles.

Though it may not win you any friends, the arthritis warnings surrounding cracking your knuckles aren’t, well, all they’re cracked up to be. In a large study following people that did and didn’t crack their knuckles over a five year period found that knuckle crackers’ joints were just as healthy as those who didn’t. It can even be good for you: cracking your knuckles is actually healthy for your joints, giving you more flexibility and movement.


2. Biting Your Nails.

Who knew — biting your nails can actually boost your immune system! Chomping on your nails exposes you to trace amounts of bugs that can make you sick. Your immune system is powerful, remembering bugs it encountered before and unleashing the right weapons to attack it. As long as your nails aren’t very dirty, biting them isn’t bad for you.


3. Watching Cute Animal Videos — When you Should be Working.

Research has shown that watching videos or looking at photos of cute baby animals is actually good for our productivity. After viewing cute baby animals, we are more focused and perform tasks more carefully. Why? It’s been suggested that just viewing baby animals triggers our caregiving impulses, which require more intensive focus and care.


4. Skipping a Workout or Three.

Let’s face it: most of us aren’t professional athletes, movie stars or fitness instructors. And, if you don’t fall into one of those categories, well, it’s really not essential to workout every day. In fact, waiting a day between exercises can actually be more beneficial than exercising every day, because it gives your muscles time to repair themselves and get stronger.


5. Burping.

Though most of us consider burping to be impolite, suppressing one of your body’s natural processes can actually be bad for you. In fact, it can actually trigger heart burn and chest pain! If you can’t let go of a burp in public, try changing your diet — certain foods cause us to burp more than others, like carbonated beverages, beans and, for some people, sugarless candies. If you think you’re burping too much, see a doctor.


6. Eating in Bed.

The best time to eat is when you’re relaxed — and what’s more relaxing than bed? If you’re eating in stressful or rushed situations or mindsets, you’re more prone to stomach problems. Aside from a meal with loved ones, bed is a fine place to eat. Just make sure not to spill on the sheets!


7. Fidgeting.

This may be some relief to all of my fellow fidgeters out there: we tend to have faster metabolisms, better circulation, and less joint and back pain. And it’s not just the physical stuff- fidgeters also tend to have stronger memories, more effective thought processes, and lower stress levels when we’re in the act.



8. Spitting.

As weird — and gross! — as it sounds, there actually are times when it is beneficial to spit. When you’re exercising, your body produces more saliva than it normally does. Sometimes, this extra saliva can build up to the point that it can interfere with our breathing and, yes, make it necessary to spit out the excess.

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