8 Incredible Colorful Birds (Slideshow)


Birds have sure won out when it comes to the looks department. How many other animals can claim such a huge color palette? From metallic purples to pale yellows, click through to check out some of the most vibrant and beautiful birds on earth. Let us know your favorite in the comments section!

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1. Rainbow Lorikeet

Where You’ll Find Them: Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea & And Nearby Islands.

Interesting Fact: The vibrant birds are quite common in Australia — some wild lorikeets are so used to humans, they can be hand-fed.

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2. Purple Starling

Where You’ll Find Them: Southern Africa

Fun Fact: These vibrant birds are members of the starling family, a genus containing a number of metallic birds.

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Image Credit: BGérard van Drunen  via Wikimedia Commons


3. Mandarin Duck

Where You’ll Find Them: China and Russia.

Fun Fact: Though the male, pictured above, is quite visually striking, the female Mandarin duck is actually quite unremarkable.

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4. Crimson Rosella

Where You’ll Find Them: Australia

Fun Fact: There are a number stunning species of Rosellas native to Australia. Other eye-catchers include the Eastern Rosella, with a whole slew of  bright, multi-colored feathers, and the Pale-Headed Rosella, a species with more pastel colors.

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5. Sun Conure

Where You’ll Find Them: Northeastern Brazil, Guyana, French Guiana & Suriname.

Fun Fact: Though they are small in size, weighing about 4 ounces and measuring in at about 1 foot, these parakeets are loud and love to imitate humans.

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6. Gouldian Finch

Where You’ll Find Them: Australia.

Fact: Due to their vibrant appearance, Goudlian finches are quite popular as pets — something that has, sadly, led to their decline in the wild. Though the Australian government is taking serious steps to protect and breed these amazing birds, today there are only about 2,000-10,000 wild birds.

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7. Painted Bunting

Where You’ll Find Them: Southeast United States, Mexico & Central America.

Fun Fact: A kind of cardinal, Painted Buntings are one of the few colorful birds native to the United States. They’re the only bird with all green feathers.

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8. Golden Pheasant

Where You’ll Find Them: Western China

Fun Fact: It’s thought that George Washington had a Golden Pheasant at Mount Vernon — the bird was probably the first pheasant brought to North America.

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