8 Typical Breakfasts Around the World


Would you eat rice and beans for breakfast? How about miso soup or fried rice? As unappealing as it may sound to many Westerners, these foods are common on plates across the globe. Take a look at what breakfast looks like around the world, and share your typical morning meal with us in the comments!

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1. United States

To many, bacon and eggs is the quintessential American breakfast. But it wasn’t always this way — even just a century ago, the average American usually had something simple like toast and coffee. So what caused the change? Well, you can thank Edward Bernays, the father of public relations and Sigmund Freud’s nephew, for that. Bernays, greatly influenced by the work of his famous uncle, was hired by a bacon manufacturer to boost sales. Doctors that he surveyed said that hearty breakfasts were the way to go, so Bernays began promoting bacon and eggs as the all-American breakfast. His campaign, it seems, was quite successful!

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2. France

The French like to call their typical breakfast “Le petit déjeuner,” or small breakfast. Toast with butter or jam, sometimes a croissant, and coffee or tea are common items for the French.

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3. Japan

Jump to the other side of the world, where breakfast takes on a totally different picture. In Japan, traditional breakfasts consist of steamed rice, miso soup, and sometimes raw egg or nori. But for breakfast on the go? Well, that looks more Western — cereal, toast and eggs are typical quick breakfast items.

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4. Mexico

Huevos rancheros, or fried eggs with salsa, is a popular dish in Mexico and across the border in the United States. Tortillas are also commonly served with a traditional Mexican breakfast, stuffed full of beans, eggs, salsa and sour cream.

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5. India

India, of course, is huge, and has an extremely diverse culture, so it’s difficult to fully pinpoint what a typical breakfast in India looks like. In Southern India, rice is a key breakfast ingredient, such as in rice idlee, a very popular rice cake. Check out a recipe for rice idlee here.

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6. Nigeria

Like India, Nigeria is a very diverse place. That said, one dish that crosses ethnic lines in Nigeria is foods made out of cornmeal. The folks at the interesting site BreakfastandBrunch.com write that, ”grinding corn into a powder, placing it with some water in a watertight bag and leaving it to ferment for a few days, makes a traditional Nigerian breakfast.” You can find a recipe for a vegan version of this dish, known as moin-moin, here.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Ricans love their rice and beans. So much so, in fact, that the tiny Central American nation’s national dish, gallo pinto, is a typical breakfast. Rice and beans are lightly spiced, and often accompanied with eggs, sour cream and sausages.

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8. Thailand

In Thailand, a typical breakfast isn’t all that different from any other meal of the day — Thais typically eat rice, noodle soups, fried meats, and omelettes. One dish usually reserved for breakfast is chok, a rice porridge similar to rice congee.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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I miss a traditional Jordanian breakfast: a bowl of hot fuul (boiled broad/fava beans mashed with lemon juice, olive oil and chopped chillis), mopped up with fresh-baked khubez (flat bread). Hummus, a cold dip of boiled chickpeas blended with lemon juice, garlic, sesame and olive oil, is lighter. Also savoury pastries, including khubez bayd (a kind of small egg pizza) and bite-sized pastry triangles (ftayer) filled with cheese (jibneh), spinach (sabanekh), potato (batata) or meat (lahmeh). Larger bakeries also have chunky breadsticks, sesame-seed bread rings (kaak), thick slabs of crunchy toast (garshella) and rough brown bread (khubez baladi). Along with some olives (zaytoon) and runny yoghurt (laban) or creamy yoghurt (labneh). (Taken from Rough Guide to Jordan)

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