9 Things You Didn’t Know About Men and Sex

Glamour magazine celebrated a very important birthday recently…their exclusive “man survey” turned 18! The ladies at Glamour don’t hold back when it comes to asking guys everything and anything about what goes on in between their sheets, and the most recent survey was no different. 1,131 men answered their uncensored questions this time around—here are the findings that had us most surprised:


  • 13% of men have a nickname for their penis, and some are pretty creative—like Penisaurus Rex and Sean Bonery. Well done, guys, well done.
  • But what’s with the double standard? 41% of guys think it would be weird if a woman named her vagina. What, you don’t like Vagina Shmagina?!
  • Wondering if porn is affecting him when it comes to your sex life? It might! 17% of men surveyed say porn gave them unrealistic expectations about sex…but 31% say porn made them a better sex partner. Do you agree?
  • 52% of men would take a male birth control pill—46% said yes in 2011.
  • Toys in the bedroom? 70% of guys are all for it, but 30% have some catching up to do—they get worried they’re not good enough in bed if you break out a vibrating friend.
  • 79% of men admit to having fantasized about a female colleague, and 43% had fantasized about a female boss. You KNEW Gary the copy guy was looking at you weird.
  • Just friends? Not according to 31% of men, who don’t believe in platonic friendships between men and women.
  • Most guys don’t worry about their package, but of the 43% who do, most worry that they’re too small. Only 4% of men worry it’s too big…tough times!
  • 18 years ago, 43% of Glamour‘s guys said they had faked an orgasm. And thank goodness that this year only 31% said they had. Let’s make a deal, guys: we won’t if you won’t!


You can read the rest of the survey results on Glamour.com.

Which of these findings was most surprised to you? Any that you disagree with?

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Julia Cabrera-Woscek

LOL, Stephanie Fideles!

Stephanie Fideles

Glad to know that only 13 % of men nickname their penis, thats so pathetic.

Thu Tram L.
Past Member 9 days ago

Reality changes every day !!!

Erika Acosta
Erika Acosta11 days ago


Karey Materi
Karey Materi13 days ago

thank u f your wisdom.

Magdalena C.
Magdalena C.23 days ago

Thank you!

Pauline C.
Pauline C.29 days ago

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D.E.A. C.
D.E.A. C.about a month ago

I already knew all of this. I think everyone did.

ashley smith
ashley smithabout a month ago

Wow, learn something every day. Thanks

Paulinha Russell
Pau AWAY NO FWD Russellabout a month ago

Thank you