9 Ways to Take Control of Your Life

1. Here today, gone today – live life now! Security is an illusion, so seize life today.

2. Follow your inner compass – your intuition. When you commit to the journey, you will always end up in a place you describe and recognise as better than your starting point.

For me, intuition is a feeling I get in my stomach that a certain course of action should be pursued- normally it makes no sense from a rational perspective! For others, it is a compelling inner voice, sending them on their journey.

The key is to find out how your intuition delivers. Then, once you’ve identified it, use it as your compass. The more you use it, the stronger this “core muscle” works.

3. Don’t commit your dreams and aspirations to the “normal” pros and cons approach. Remember, in the context of your dreams, knowledge will always give you enough reasons not to act.

4. Self awareness is the most important attribute a leader could develop, according to the Stanford Business School Advisory Committee, so start the journey today. Remember seeing, not solving, the problem is the ultimate challenge. When you are on the trip, you start to see!

5. Become a sponge – move towards expert status in your niche! You are a lot less than 10,000 hours away from not just getting, but creating a job! A commitment to ongoing learning is a key attribute of achievers.

6. Discover your purpose: live on flow and you’ll never truly work another day in your life! Reflect on your values and interests – this may give you an insight into your bliss.

7. Model off past success strategies. Even some of the highest achievers I have worked with around the world in companies had a disempowering inner dialogue running….Finish reading on InspireMeToday.com.

Kevin Kelly is an international motivational keynote speaker and the author of DO! the pursuit of xceptional execution.

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