DIY Canopy Bed Made from a Branch

At Remodelista, we recently spotted (and admired) on the Dutch blog Frivole this DIY canopy hung from a branch over a children’s bed. This project can easily be replicated with a salvaged branch, two chains hung from a couple of hooks, and a simple curtain.

Photography by Frivole.

Above: Susanne Otter, writer of the Frivole blog, made the canopy for her son Pepin and hung it over his bed.

Above: Otter prefers the linen canopy to have a wrinkled look, which she achieved by removing the wet curtain from the washer and letting it air dry.

Above: Ikea offers several tab curtains which can be used to hang directly from the branch creating a canopy. The Lenda Curtain is $34.99 for a set of two. Buy the chain and hooks from your local hardware store.

If you’re like us, you also appreciate branch decor. Here are 203 branch posts that may surprise you. Lamp fixtures, hooks, towel racks, handrails, all of which have been made by a simple branch.


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Ernie Miller
william Miller3 years ago


Lin M
Lin M3 years ago

Cabin look.....

Kelley Robison
Kelley Robison3 years ago

I like that idea.......

Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago

great idea

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Bill and Katie Dresbach
Katie and Bill D3 years ago

Very Interesting and nice looking too! A Branch for a curtain rod sounds like a good idea!
Thank You

Kim W.
Kim W3 years ago

all my curtain rods and hangers are from branches as are the stair railing and post. I love combing the woods for my next project

Chetna P.
Chetna P3 years ago

How cool is that? I love it!

Robyn H.
Robyn H3 years ago

WOw, that looks like a fun idea!