A Positive Adult Experience

I’m on my way home from the adult entertainment trade show, my positivity not only intact, but improved. I haven’t attended the adult video trade show in the last five years, instead I’ve been focusing my marketing efforts on educating the natural and medical markets about the importance of healthy and clean intimacy products, while clarifying the process for a healthy libido to thrive.

Five years ago, before all the free view Internet pornography consumed the viability of small porn houses, the trade show was huge and driven largely by the small adult video shops and their consumers. This year, it was a totally new scene. I was one of many high-end, quality-conscious manufacturers who are providing tasteful and progressive solutions to a definitively more evolved, couple-oriented adult experience.

Beyond the new market appeal of my company, which by itself was a lovely and positive surprise, was my own clarity and perception. The truth about positivity is that it begets itself. Moments when I felt my attitude slipping, I was paying attention and rather than spin some story about the girls clad in g-strings or whips cracking, I made a quick list  of gratitude. Here I was five years later, true to my vision and offering it on my own terms.

Actually, gratitude is another trait that can be easily cultivated with practice which changes the moment decisively. It is a guaranteed release from the common cognitive traps that prevent many of us from accurate perceptions of our own happiness. The moments when I confused my memories of the adult industry with my current experience were clarified with easy to find reasons for gratitude. Other people’s adult entertainment preferences were no longer a threat to my own.

In fact, what was clear in most of the conversations that I had with longtime industry professionals–whether performers, store owners or industry distributors–was that we are all trying to make meaning from how we live, or at least in retrospect, were now conscious of how that needs to be the goal. Failed relationships were part of many of these conversations and many performers admitted that their professions limit their options for a committed relationship.  A few mentioned that they were considering leaving the business for that reason.

Indeed, strong and healthy personal relationships  are one  of the most significant predictors of self-perceived happiness. Developing stronger relationships benefits from many of the same good habits which positive thinking demands. Although it isn’t always fun to vigilantly monitor how we think or deliberately improve our communication skills, the effort pays for itself through its results.

The Adult Entertainment industry is changing and the consensus is building, we all want more good clean love to define our days and why not having it sitting by the bedside table too?


William Ford
William Ford3 years ago


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K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.5 years ago

You should really change 'Care2' to 'Pornography online'!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.5 years ago

You should really change 'Care2' to 'Pornography online'!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.5 years ago

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting....

Claude H.
Claude Hines5 years ago

This is such a mixed bag. But do feel there is a missing link in the industry. Women tend to go for the emotional link between the partners rather than the flagrant 'sex', daring position, etc. Need more stories/movies of loving couples making love rather than lurid shots of body parts. Pull the women's heart-strings and her body will respond.

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Desire Yourlips
Desire Yourlips5 years ago

I love watching porn.....and sex toys.
its has opened many doors to my sex life with my husband.