Accessories: Vertical Garden from Flora Grubb

We first admired Flora Grubb’s vertical garden installations on last spring’s American Institute of Architects tour (see Architect Visit: Boor Bridges in San Francisco). Then we spotted another installation at the Bardessono in Napa (see Shopper’s Diary: The Shop at Bardessono). So we were interested to learn that Grubb is now offering a DIY system for creating your own vertical garden; as she says, “Literally hundreds of people who’ve seen our vertical gardens have asked how to get the same purpose-built panels that we use so they can build one for themselves. Not wanting to keep a good thing all to ourselves (for too long, anyway), we’re offering a DIY solution.” The 20-by-20-inch tray contains 45 slanted planting cells and can be mounted on the wall. Each Vertical Garden DIY Panel is $99.95.

Landscape designer Flora Grubb has made a name for herself by using non-flowering succulents and hard-to-kill plants; she’s also a proponent of using alternative and recycled materials. Take a closer look at her work in Remodelista’s post: Shopper’s Diary: Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco.


Duane B.
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Thank you for sharing.

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Sisilie B.4 years ago

I really want to make a succulent wall, I just need my succulents to become a bit bigger so I can get a lot of clippings from them

Jo Asprec
Jo Asprec4 years ago

Wonderful ideas! I'd like to follow your example. thanks!

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I saved, e-mailed, shared, and it looks fun.

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Practical in a small places like an apartment.

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very nice

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