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8 Biggest Myths About Organ Donation

February 14th isn't just Valentine's Day, it's also National Organ Donation Day. And what's more loving than giving someone else the gift of life? There are more than 100,000 people waiting for an org…


Why You Should Never Underestimate the Value of a Hug

You never know what you'll overhear in the gym locker room, but I'll never forget this recent conversation. The two women stood on the opposite side of the lockers, beyond my field of vision, but the …


8 Surprising Signs of Depression

Depression is so much more than feeling down -- it can wreak havoc on nearly every aspect of a person's life. And, sadly, even people in the throes of a deep, debilitating depression don't always real…


How Much Sleep Do You Need?

The National Sleep Foundation has released new recommendations for sleep times. How much sleep you need depends on your age. Find out how much you need! To create the new guidelines, the National S…


5 Things No One Tells You About Life After 50

It's true. Our society values youth more than age. By the time you hit your mid-30s, the anti-aging marketers are hot on your trail, playing on your fears of growing older. Not that there's anything w…


8 Facts About Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy Body dementia (LBD) is a very serious condition that is often overshadowed by its more well-known cousin, Alzheimer’s disease. To clear up some of the confusion, here are 8 things everyone should…


Study Shows Herb as Effective as High Blood Pressure Drug

Most people already know the health benefits of eating olive oil on a regular basis, but an increasing amount of research is showing that olive oil isn’t the only therapeutic part of these trees. The …


Ambulance Drone Delivers First Aid By Air

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 720,000 Americans suffer a heart attack every year. The Heart Foundation notes that 250,000 Americans die annually of Sudden Cardiac Death — or 680 …


Pets Who Help People With Dementia and Alzheimer’s

When John brought Fluffy, a German Shepard trained as a service dog, home to his wife, Jo Lynne, who was suffering from a form of dementia similar to Alzheimer’s disease, he noticed positive changes i…


Boost Your Energy by Feeding Your Mitochondria

They’re essential to energy, focus, vitality, and metabolism. And yet most of us have no idea how our mitochondria work. Here’s how to tune up your body’s quadrillions of “energy factories” so you can…


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