Ahoy! DIY Decorating With Nautical Knots

If you are one of those people who think that ropes are just for jumping, think again. Rope, which is called line when used on boats, is essential to every sailor. Ropes are also a versatile DIY material on and off a boat.

I just came back from vacation and spent a considerable amount of time boating. My husband is a boater, and when he has some free time he enjoys practicing tying nautical knots. If you’ve ever spent any time around boats, you know that strong knots can make or break an ocean expedition.

You don’t need a yacht, or even a rowboat to try out some knots. Just hoist up the sail in your home by learning a few knots and making these DIY seaworthy nautical-style projects.

5 DIY Nautical Knot Projects For Your Home

1. This trivet from Design Sponge has a step-by-step tutorial based on the “carrick bend” knot. You can try making a few smaller coasters to get the hang of tying the knot first.

2. Make these sailor bracelet napkin holders to dress up a table. Use the same technique to make tiebacks for no-sew curtains.

3. Here is a nautical knot display glass top coffee table. If you can’t commit to a whole nautically-inspired table, you can fill up a shadowbox to show off your nautical knots.

4. This rope doorstop from Completely Coastal is made by tying a “monkey fist knot”.

5. I admired a knotted mat made from recycled rope (similar to picture above) in a beach house I recently stayed at. It’s created by tying a “prolong knot”. Here is the Martha Stewart tutorial. This is the one I’m going to make first!


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I will definitely try out these ones! I love all things nautical

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Good article.

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Great projects! I did macrame when I was younger (in my hippie days :D ) and have been trying to think of projects to do now because I enjoyed it so. This will get me started and I'll think up some of my own.

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