Alcohol Could Protect You From Getting Sick, Study Says

Bring on the spiked eggnog! According to a new study, it’s not an apple a day that keeps the doctor away—it’s cocktails!

Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University rounded up 12 rhesus macaques for the 14-month study, based on the similarity between their immune system and that of humans. The monkeys were vaccinated against small pox and then divided into two groups—one that was given food, water, and sugar water, and another that was given food, water, and access to cocktails with four percent ethanol.

Like humans, the boozing monkeys varied in how much they drank—some indulged all day long, while others kept a moderate intake. Seven months later, the monkeys were given small pox booster shots.

The results of the booster shot varied according to how much alcohol the monkey drank. The heavy drinkers’ immune systems had a poor response to the vaccine. Meanwhile, the moderate drinkers actually had a better immune response than even the control group that drank no alcohol.

While we don’t condone animal experiments, unfortunately, these findings are based on just that. With that said, we feel that the potential immune-boosting benefits are worth commenting on.

More research is still needed (sign me up!), but the researchers say a possible explanation is that moderate amounts of alcohol actually stimulate the immune system. I’ll drink to that!

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Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla3 months ago

I don't know, but I love wine!!! I also drink scotch, vodka and tequila from time to time

Fi T.
Fi T.7 months ago

The key is to know when to stop

Teresa W.
Teresa W.7 months ago

Monkey business?

Teresa W.
Teresa W.7 months ago

Rachida is perfectly right.

Rachida El Kaddioui

Why use monkeys for this experiment, we have plenty humans we love to do this experiment on theirselfs for free!!

nora hanson
nora hanson1 years ago

Oh SO SICK of humans experimenting on animals!!!...We DO NOT have the same genetic make up!!!!! All these pathetic scientists should just use themselves as the "guinea pigs" for any stupid experiment they want to explore.

Hoangvanngoc Hoangvanngoc
Past Member 1 years ago

friv 2 It surprises me that is posting stories about animals that are being abused. Shame on you Care2!

Morgan F.
Morgan F.1 years ago

ty 4 the information!

Jayme Talson
Jayme T.1 years ago

This conclusion came forth after abusing animals in the name of alcohol? C'mon now! I want to sign a petition about the need to stop this senseless, useless and potentially harmful pratice! Monkey see, monkey do i guess?

Hugh W.
.1 years ago

Was this study financed by Bacardi or Budweiser? Another amazing waste of money!!!