Alternative Therapies for Digestive Problems

If you’ve got digestive issues ranging from constipation and diarrhea to irritable bowel syndrome, various alternative therapies may help you feel better.



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Shahid A.
Shahid A.1 years ago


Marhaba Ispaghol Husk, which is obtained from Plantago ovata is a harmless product of vegetable origin and a natural source of non-starch highly soluble carbohydrate fiber. It is strongly recommended and particularly intended for the treatment of constipation and bacillary dysentery.

N M.
N M.1 years ago


Nils Anders Lunde


Patricia H.
Patricia H.2 years ago

interesting, thanks for the info

Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Nimue Pendragon
Nimue Pendragon3 years ago

Good grief "acipuncture", "lactobacksillus", they really need to get someone who can speak and pronounce words properly. This chick need her adenoids looked at too.

Ana R
Ana R3 years ago

I agree with you Laura S.

Heidi H.
Past Member 3 years ago

Great information. I have always been wary of probiotics because I thought they had to come from milk products, now I will look into them.

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M.3 years ago

eating high amounts of sugar brings about indigestion and IBS especially. Now sugar comes in many different forms including artificial sugar and its all this which causes a great impact on the body. Reduce or remove all sugar and refined oils and refined flour from your diet and really take notice of what you are eating and drinking and read nutritional panels and you will be Nutrition Savvy very quickly. If not serious other things will kick in.....its all to do with allergies to certain foods and drink oh and dont forget additives and preservatives.... they are all related.

Be well

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M.3 years ago

I agree Pandora, that when you have IBS or indigestion problems its usually something you have eaten that isnt agreeing with you and your body. The body is an amazing thing where it works so precisely like a car engine when it runs out of petrol or oil, the red light blinks madly and stops or you keep going ignoring it till something major happens, its the same as the body. The body will tell you and you ignore it and then it shouts at you and you then still ignore it or eat that food or drink that is driving your body ' insane' then you go... oh.... Im feeling sick or things are happening with my body....why? Its because you havent taken notice and acted on it. Listen to your body talk is an important message the same as when your hungry you go eat.

Probiotics are excellent and for me I had IBS and tiny ulcers in my esophagus and a larger one in my stomach all due to prescription drugs of which I told the DR... deaf ears so I decided to Google info about it all and cured myself on drinking Liquid Chlorophyll daily. A miracle in a bottle and it worked fast. I took homeopathics by Schuesslers Tiissue Salts,for acid indigestion as as I said all in all I give it 200% effective. Brilliant and now Im cured. Nope the tissue salts arent full of salt as some might believe as we all have cell salts within. Do a google search and see.