Alternative Treatment for Sinus Infections

Q: I get frequent sinus infections. How can I prevent them? And how bad are antibiotics really? Also, are there any alternatives to antibiotics?

A: This is a great question, and one that many people are asking this time of year. Antibiotics are vastly over-prescribed for the management of sinusitis. Studies have shown that the use of antibiotics does not significantly reduce the severity or the duration of symptoms.

For several years, I have had patients with chronic sinus infections and allergies tell me that the use of a neti pot has been “life changing” (yes, those were the exact words). Now there are studies to support that nasal irrigation, either using a neti pot or other instruments, can improve symptoms.

I recommend that anyone with seasonal allergies or chronic sinus infections use a nasal irrigation on a daily basis.

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A friend of mine swears by her neti pot. Thankfully I don't have the same problem and don't have to find out if it is a tried and true method.

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i use a spray and works so good...