An Easy Way to Secure an Outdoor Shade

Spotted in the Japanese mountain cafe Nap, a patio with a sun shade anchored by rocks.

Owner Makoto Kawai collected stones from a nearby river to secure the sun shade above the cafe’s outdoor deck. He had the holes drilled at a local factory, then strung the rocks together with string to form weights to keep the awning in place.

Photography by Yoko Inoue for Gardenista.

Above: The strings of rocks add a visual rustic note to the outdoor patio.

Above: Learn how to drill holes in stones in this tutorial from Jenny Hoople. Or for the DIY challenged, drilled stones can be purchased on Etsy from Allybeans.

For another idea with drilled stones, check out DIY Rustic Gate Clasp.


Vicky P.
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Pinke A.
Pinke A4 years ago

Looking nice! But having the stones used like this,with the holes,isn't just possible for everyone. Why not instead do some crochet work and make small sachets for the stones?? It's possible to make them beautiful colours too!

Magda F.
Magda F4 years ago

cute :)

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cute !

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How clever and utility is beauty!

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Very nice..

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Ah, really great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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