Anew With Intention

As we flip the calendar page to a new year, it’s nice to connect in a meaningful way that marks its beginnings. But, each time I sit down to write a New Year’s post, I keep bumping up against what I am beginning to consider to be an overused word: “Resolutions.” Believe me, I’ve used and abused the “R” word, and its derivative – “Resolve,” many times. In my mind, committing to make resolutions seems…well, a bit 2010ish.

No Resolutions

What’s the issue I’m having with resolutions? For one, I poked around and haven’t found any insightful end of the year round-up type articles about whether or not we fulfilled our resolutions from last year. We only hear about New Year resolutions for our pristine new year. (If you find one, please include it in the comments.) I’m also trying to figure out who holds whom accountable for resolutions? I would guess it is the person making the resolution. Resolutions seem like a set up…for failure. And, I’m not making them this year.

Anew With Intention

Old habits die hard, and a demarcation of the fabulous year ahead with its vast amount of newness and wonder needs a breath of fresh air. For me, I’ve decided to turn my thoughts away from resolutions that are made and broken, to intentions that are positive and hopeful. As new agey as this may sound to some, for me, intention defines a slower, simpler feeling of noticing with a new purpose. My hope is that my finest intentions will lead to action.

I hold no ill will towards anyone who made remarkable resolutions. I’m just dropping the “R” word from my New Year vocabulary this year, and diving into 2011 with intentions – where ever that takes me…

What are your thoughts about where the New Year will lead you? Would you like to take a stab at what your intentions are?

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Elisa F.
Elisa F.2 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

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Nils Lunde


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Danuta Watola3 years ago

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JL A.3 years ago

good to remember

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola3 years ago

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Perla Serrano Matesanz
Laszlo Kovacs3 years ago

yes, in a way the word resolution is linked with failure... and I don't like the word "intentions" either because it means that it is enough to intent to do things but not really DO them. So I prefer creating a "DO LIST" for the next year. :)