Ani Phyo’s Easy Vegan Blueberry Cobbler (video)

Ani Phyo is the most popular authority on raw, vegan food. Since it’s now blueberry season, this video of how to make her blueberry cobbler is just right for the season. Watch and see how easy it is to prepare her yummy raw food desserts.

Image Credit: geishaboy500 / Flickr Creative Commons


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Fi T.
Fi T.about a year ago

Eat fresh and treasure our green

da c.
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thank you

Lupe Guerra
Lupe Guerra3 years ago

any bachelor can make this!

Melinda K.
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Good advice as well, thanks!

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James R.
James R.5 years ago

I think Ani Phyo is an incredible raw food chef and a great inspiration for this healthy lifestyle!

Beverly L.
Beverly L.5 years ago

Oh, I am so trying this ~ I love cobbler!

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wow thanks! so cool!