Anti-Shark Fin Rally in NYC

New York considers ban on controversial ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Photo Credit: avlxyz via Flickr.

Anti-Shark Fin Rally in NYC 

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Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.3 years ago

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Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.3 years ago

thank you

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Paul S.
Paul S.4 years ago

New York state is "considering a ban". Wow. Good for them. How progressive (and late to the game) they are.
This barbaric practice has to stop - should never have started. Oh, it's a time-honored ritual in your culture? Well, that's okay then. carry on the plunder, torture and drowning for profit. There are, of course no consequences whatsoever, are there?
How about removing the arms and legs (no anesthetic required) of the 'fishermen' before tossing them overboard? That's illegal, you say? Hmm.. How many of them see themselves as animal lovers, I wonder.

Helen Buchanan
Helen Buchanan4 years ago

seriously what is wrong with the Asian country's eating dogs and cats, slaughtering whales and dolphins, shark fin soup...endangered rhinos for medicine. IT IS 2012 FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran4 years ago


Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson4 years ago

Isaac Bashevis Singer Nobel Peace Prize Winner wrote in his book, 'Enemies a love story', "As often has Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought. In their behaviour toward creatures, all men were Nazi’s. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplify the most extreme racist theories the principle that might is right. Lest we forget!

Jennifer C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Good news. Thanks.

Edgar Zuim
Edgar Zuim4 years ago

It is no surprise to me that this menu has Chinese origin. They eat all sorts of crap.

Diarmuid Hanley
Dairmuid Hanley4 years ago

It's a disgusting trade and how they leave the sharks without their fins and dump them back in the sea at times, having sliced them off mercilessly is horrendous. How anybody with any conscience could eat it without feeling any guild is beyond me!
Why don't they grow shark fins in some laboratory like they do meat, and feed it to these disgusting individuals. That would suit them well and the sharks could live a life they deserve.

This should be banned the whole planet over. One of the oldest creatures on the planet reduced to fin soup and murdered terribly for it. That's the human race..