Antioxidants: Plant vs. Animal Foods

In the beginning, blueberries were the best. Then walnuts took the title, then wild blueberries took it back. Then small red beans were considered the #1 most antioxidant-packed food (that is, until herbs and spices were tested). Frankly, I thought it was over in 2007. USDA had released a database of 277 foods. When only 40 foods were tested, sure, blueberries were #1, but when hundreds of foods were tested, blueberries no longer even made the top ten. I made videos ranking them by serving size, and by cost—antioxidant bang for your buck. Mission accomplished, or so I thought. Then came the landmark publication of a study of the total antioxidant content of more than 3,000 foods.

Today’s video-of-the-day on completed my analysis of this groundbreaking study, but it’s important to take a step back and see what this amazing body of work has to say about what we should eat in general (see above).

Other videos in this series include:

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