April Garden Party Contest

Aren’t those some very pretty gardening tools pictured above? They can be yours! It’s the second month of The Oldest, Largest Garden Party in America’s History–which means the second monthly contest is live. If you haven’t read about the Garden Party, it is an online event hosted by Dr. Brent and Beekman 1802 (Dr. Brent’s farm in Schoharie County, NY). It is happening continuously over the 2009 gardening season, with the goal of inspiring backyard gardeners and sharing gardening tips with one another. Each month there will be prizes (and we love prizes) for the best tips submitted–winning submissions are chosen by some of the most noted gardeners in America.

For the April contest, Rebecca Kolls joins the Garden Party to help judge the best seedling transplanting tips. Gardeners around the country know Rebecca from her many years as the gardening contributor to Good Morning America, and as host of her own syndicated television show: “Rebecca’s Garden.” Rebecca’s looking for the best seedling transplanting tip this month, and what will the lucky winner receive? Yes, the lovely OXO 10-piece Gardening Tool Kit above. Do you have any great tips for transplanting seedlings? If so, get on over to the Garden Party website and leave your tip in the comment field–win the prize and let your green thumb make us green with envy for scoring those happy tools!


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Never heard of this, so thanks for bringing it to our community. If anyone wins from Care2 be sure to let us know so we can share in the celebration :o) best of luck to everyone and happy gardening.

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