Are You Committed to Struggle?

Are you committed to struggle? Do you LOVE the drama? Do you find that no matter what you do, you find yourself putting up a good ole’ fashioned fight, shouting, “Put up your dukes!”?


I realized this pattern in myself over the past few months and I’m taking it head on. I created a video for you about this crazy making commitment to struggle. Watch it here and create more ease now.

It is high time that we choose ease in our own lives over struggle. Won’t you join me?

With unstoppable enthusiasm & great love,





Deborah W.
Deborah W4 years ago

Struggle is one of life's lessons ... what you do with it pretty much determines who you are and/or will become.

Sabine I.
Past Member 4 years ago

a lot sadly >: thank u

Vicky P.
Vicky P4 years ago

hate drama

Anna Undebeck
Anna Undebeck4 years ago

Thank you!

Angie V.
Angie V4 years ago


Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

I love the statement about doing nothing that does not need to be done, and my own motto is streamline things by lining up your finished objective clearly, intending ease and simplicity, then leting your intuition inspire the needed action steps. No struggle, just focus that feels like foreward movement.
I don't agree that if you don't struggle, the other side 'wins'. They may think they have won but their own agenda will come back to them and subject them to what they planned to perpatrate on others.In the mean time you can set your own course to avoid the fall out from them. Granted, it does take some inner growth work on the part of an individual to learn to trust their own guidence and ignor all the outside messages trying to steer you to give them your attention.Too many still think 'struggle' is needed to build 'character' so they constantly have to find things to push against and fight 'the good fight'.

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

It's, I'm afraid, for everybody to face

Bryna Pizzo
Bryna Pizzo4 years ago

Thank you for the wise advice. I have been an advocate for others and even myself when it was necessary, but I hate conflict. Therefore, I don't believe I am committed to struggle. Generally, I avoid struggle, but I have a loved one who lives for the struggle, and I would love to share this with her, but I'm afraid that if I do she will put up her dukes. (n, p, t)

Alina Siluyanova
Alina Siluyanova4 years ago

yeah, sounds familiar )))

andrew h.
- -4 years ago


may help too from a non denominational saint:

"Remember also that you always need the inspiration of better company to keep yourself constantly improving. Your outward good company is of paramount importance, as it influences your will and reason which, by repetitions of thought and action, form good habits.

Resolve firmly to “try and try again.”
Spiritual progress is achieved above all by desiring it intensely. Know that you are growing spiritually when your entire consciousness, no matter what your faults, is turned to God.

All of us are part of God; we belong to Him, and He, to us. Eventually, we must all go back to Him. If you resolve firmly to “try and try again,” God Himself and His angels will come to your aid. Given sufficient time, and renewed courage on your part, you cannot fail to make steady, ongoing spiritual progress."