Are You Fully Human?

War has become unbearably brutal. It is deeply disturbing that human nature didnít revolt against our descent into brutality but decided to adapt instead. What makes modern suffering so sinister is that most people have passively accepted living in an atmosphere of fear.

Why do we sit still and watch? The spiritual malaise we have fallen into is well known. Itís called alienation, or separation from that which makes a person human.

That way of peace brings an end to alienation by restoring the responses that have been lost to numbness.
Why do we fixate on empty-headed pop icons and hunger to know every trivial detail of their lives? Why are there no meaningful protests in the streets against the latest weapon of horror? Why do we listen casually while bigots of every stripe rule the radio airwaves?

Falling into such a degraded condition of alienation and mistrust didnít happen all at once. What made the first factories satanic in Blakeís eyes is still true: If you preserve the old habits of violence and oppression but give them ever more powerful technology to carry out their ends, the result is diabolical.

I am not trying to demonize material progress. Science has brought some of the comforts it promised, but progress has been corrupting in a very dangerous way. To fall short of your spiritual potential is the most basic sign of alienation. You and I are walking around in a state that isnít fully human. To be fully human means being grounded in the infinite creative potential of life.

Adapted from Peace Is the Way, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2005).


Zee K.
Past Member 4 years ago

Lidia, thank you. I sent you a green star.

Atheists and/or skeptics, such as the individuals who so often put their dukes up at the very mention or hint of a Creator, enjoy parading "facts" which may or may not be true.

I do believe that such folks are on their own desperate search for the soothing of that ache in their hearts, that emptiness that folks who believe in Creator, by whatever name, have allowed to be filled with their acknowledgement that there is indeed a higher power who can relate to us if we so choose.

I am familiar with the "reptile" information and in agreement with what you say. However, personally, I think snakes are often more gentle than humans who feel the only way to resolve disagreements is with verbal or physical violence. Yes, I do know that the reptile reaction doesn not refer to the garden snake or even the boa. lol

Lidia F.
Lidia E F.4 years ago

We are not partly 'APE',we are partly reptilian.The part near where our spine begins,or some place in our brain,we have the reptilian nature.Violence is inherent in all humans beings,though in others to a lesser degree.Take for example Marie Brooks.The entire planet agrees with her punishment for a crime that was committed at the tender age of 11.Violence,slander,black balling,character bashing,controlling said person's life,extreme abuse from the planet is what she promotes,and everybody goes right along with her methods of seeking a 7th apology.Just how righteous are any of us when we do not take a stand for a war that is clearly steeped in hatred,and non forgiveness,and a self righteous arrogant belief that one is entitled to destroy not just 'HER' life,but those with whom she shares her life,and included are the ones surrounding her.Where do we stop and say,we have had enough of your amoral 'WAR',and want no part in your demise of another human being?.

This coming from a spirit in a body,with a reptilian brain......

Zee K.
Past Member 4 years ago

Wes, with all due respect, I do not think you are an ape.

Apes are far more courteous.

Wes Giesbrecht
Past Member 4 years ago


Listen up. No evolutionist ever said we are evolved from monkeys. Go it?
No monkeys. Nothing to do with monkeys.

We ARE apes. Period.

Not "evolved from" apes. WE ARE APES!!!

There are 5 species of apes: gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos and humans.
All 5 species have the same common ancestor.

Again: we are not 'evolved from apes' we ARE apes.

Can't you get something that simple thru you thick ape skull?

Zee K.
Past Member 4 years ago

Though science is beginning to think otherwise as it "quantums", there has been a rather empty headed belief that man evolved from the monkey. My first question is, "So how come there are still monkeys?"

The argument is brainless, in my not humble opinion. lol Most often, when a creator, you or me or the writer or the artist or the architect creates something, we create through the process of evolution. From an idea, the book evolves into a draft, into a re-write, into an edited version, into a corrected version per publisher and finally into a book. The same process is effected as a method of creation by the artist and the architect and by you and me as we create from an idea, into a rough version, into a corrected version.

Why should not the Creator have used this same method?

As for Christians who want our version of a day -- 24 hours, they should read their own Bible where it says that to God, one day is as a thousand years. Each of those thousand years is made up of days and each of those days is equal to a thousand years.

There you go, Creator take as long as you like.

Dot A.
Dot A.4 years ago

It takes courage to stand alone. It's probably the most important human characteristic we can develop. There will inevitably be a situation which requires our conscience to reject what has come before us, and to walk away or engage in the ‘good’ fight for the benefit of someone or something. It is in those conscious moments that we feel our ‘humanity’. It can stir us up in many emotional ways and all at once – happening at the same time: fear with joy, sadness with hopefulness, and compassion with ruthlessness if required, such as defending our children if attacked. Our adrenaline and our experience of being ‘alive’ is bursting with exhilaration! What’s more, we do not know the outcome. So much of our growth as a human being hinges on these pivotal experiences. We ‘become’ more human with each step of conscious decision making. When readers seek this page, the emotions rise a bit, to discover a ‘new way of walkin’, like the old song used to go,… It’s quite a trip* - this human experience. And our consciousness is a vital component of how we grow,…..

Ann Cole
D Cole4 years ago

very well worded....

Ann Cole
D Cole4 years ago

very well worded....

Nimue Pendragon

Probably not.

Dave C.
David C.4 years ago

I've always thought I'm partly sloth.......although I always wanted to be a bear.....