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Are You Greedy Enough?

Are You Greedy Enough?

Greed is good. Embrace it. Love it. Live it. In fact, greed may be the one thing that can save us. Donít believe me? Greed was the foundation for this country. The brave souls who risked their life to settle in a new country did so out of self interest. Our forefathers recognized the importance of self-interest in the Declaration of Independence where they emphasized our unalienable right to pursue happiness.

Greed is good not just for your own life but for others as well. By elevating your life, you can radically elevate your familyís life, your community, and yes, even the world. Mother Teresa was greedy Ė she had an unquenchable thirst for serving the poorest of the poor. Missionaries are greedy in their quest to spread their religious beliefs. You just need to get greedy. You need to focus so intently on what it is you want that your desire seeps out of your pores.

But not all greed is created equal. The greed that nearly brought the world economy to a screeching halt in 2008 is disgusting. The greed that led to millions of hardworking people around the world losing their jobs is not ďgood greed.Ē You can (and must!) be greedy without exploiting others.

The problem is not that weíre too greedy, itís that weíre not greedy enough! Sure, there are the occasional Bernie Madoffs and John Edwardses that lose themselves in their excessive desire Ė that will do anything to achieve their goal Ė but thatís not the issue most of us face. Our problem is that we are plagued by not caring, wanting, or being voracious enough in the pursuit of our own goals.

The solution? Stop putting yourself last and stop sacrificing your goals and dreams.

Any successful entrepreneur is greedy. They have an insatiable desire to see their product come to market. They want to see their invention in the hands of as many people as possible. They want their book to hit the New York Times bestseller list. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. They will stay up later and get up earlier. Theyíll say no more often.

Want to lose weight? Put yourself first. Schedule time on your calendar to exercise and donít cancel for anything. Donít let others get in the way of your goal.

I get criticized for bringing my own food to parties and events. I donít get this. Should I just go along with what everyone else is eating even though I know itís not best for me? If I only wished for better health, I wouldnít go through the hassle of preparing and bringing my own food and instead Iíd have a plateful of little weenies and Doritos.

But Iím not simply wishful. I am greedy. Nothing is going to get in my way of better health Ė not even annoyed looks from the host.

The other 8 hours are the secret to improving your life. By focusing on yourself, and by elevating your own life, you are then best able to transform the lives of others. Self-focused is not selfish; self-focused is self-less. You learn this every time you get on a plane: ďPut on your own mask before helping others.Ē When you invest in yourself during the other 8 hours, the life you change may be more than just your own.

Now itís your turn. Tap into your inner Gordon Gekko and relentlessly pursue your happiness.

Robert Pagliarini†is a financial expert and best-selling author of The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth and Purpose. For more great inspiration, visit

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1:50AM PST on Dec 20, 2014

Thank you!

1:37PM PDT on Aug 22, 2014

Greed/ambition has its place in this world. Get used to it.

3:44PM PDT on May 27, 2014

I think using greed in the examples should be replaced by ambitious. Greed is negative and something that is inherently loathsome.

7:23AM PDT on May 24, 2014

OMG what clichéd thinking. Actually, greed is what has created the enormous imbalances in our world. Taking more than we need has created a world full of pollution and poverty. The flawed logic of 'more is better' and 'more for me' is old age thinking that does not look at long term consequences and harps on job creation ad nauseum,

I do not think that Mother Theresa would appreciate you using her good name to bolster your flawed argument.

9:43AM PDT on May 19, 2014


9:46PM PDT on May 16, 2014


10:44AM PDT on May 15, 2014

There is nothing wrong with working hard and adding value to the world and desiring to receive abundance, energy and wealth commensurate with your contribution to the world. GREED is the reason that we had the housing crisis. It usually, almost always is partnered with lack of ethics, integrity and/or social responsibility.
The pendulum needs to stop swinging and people need to take responsibility for their impact on the world.
Positive impact on people and the earth deserves wealth. Selfishness will ultimately result in loss of wealth, wake up calls and pain.

12:53AM PDT on May 15, 2014

thank you for posting

1:47PM PDT on May 13, 2014

There is way too much greed in the world already.

5:56AM PDT on May 12, 2014


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