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I was a little shocked but pleasantly surprised when I saw the recent commercials urging people to prepare for emergencies. The commercials end by encouraging people to log onto to learn more. So, I logged on.

I have to say it is a really good site with great practical information. The site stresses four key points:

1. Create a kit to prepare for an emergency.
2. Make a plan with your family to help you after an emergency.
3. Education yourself about the potential emergencies in your area.
4. Get involved.

I particularly like the information geared toward children at “Ready Kids.” The memory game helped kids learn what should go in an emergency kit. It used images of food, water, money, flashlights, radios, can openers, first aid supplies, warm clothes, whistles and sleeping bags to educate children. The game even reminded kids to include pet supplies and a few games in their family’s kit.

Okay. I admit it. I spent the most time playing the games at “Ready Kids,” but they were well designed and communicated information in a fun and effective way. I would encourage parents to spend some time with their kids playing the various games.

I did spend some time on “Ready America” and “Ready Business.” Although not as fun as “Ready Kids,” they both contained great complimentary information. The site also had specific information for “Older Americans,” “People with Disabilities,” and “Pet Owners.” This is particularly important because these groups require special attention in your emergency plan.

What I found most interesting was the “Ready Campaign 2008.” I didn’t know it, but September is “National Preparedness Month.” You can sign up for “Tips of the Day” and learn about educational events occurring in each State in September and October. Getting involved is the key message here. is not the only site with emergency preparedness information, but it is a good one. Its motto really sums it up: “Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.”


Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago

Good advice. Thanks.

Monica D.
M D.5 years ago

It's good that this is being promoted.

Gordana Roljic
Gordana Roljic5 years ago

always on...

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KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Patricia B.
Patricia Bucio5 years ago

Buen artículo

Patricia B.
Patricia Bucio5 years ago

Buen artículo

Bon L.
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Thanks for the info.

Linda G.
Linda G.5 years ago

Very good advice. We never know when we will need to be prepared for a weather, fire or other disaster and being prepared really keeps the fear and accidents down.

Hanan W.
Hana W.6 years ago

Terrific advice!