Art, Through the Eyes of the Blind

In a world without sight, art still exists and has the power to transform. That’s what Bojana Coklyat is teaching the students in her class — all blind or visually impaired — that creating is about more than the end product. Photo Credit: Jamie Buscemi’s pics via Flickr.

Art, Through the Eyes of the Blind
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Olga Lustosa3 years ago

We have to thank this people with such beautiful heart!

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devon leonard
Devon Leonard4 years ago

....ahhhhh yes the healing power of our creativity is wondrous.!! Loved the video and the program.. sure hope the young people today don't forget to read Helen Keller's life story.. We are an amazing!! Life is good!!

Vicky Pitchford
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very nice

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Thanks Chris for posting the incredible video. Amazing,

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Thanks for posting!

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wow thanks!

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Wonderful!!! KUDOS to all involved!!!