Ask Annie: Away With Walkway Weeds

Dear Annie,

Do you have a good non-toxic way to kill the weeds that are growing up between my stone walkway?

Pat B, TN

Dear Pat,

It is always convenient to forget about weeds, especially the ones that grow up between stones and masonry in walkways and patios. I remember my stepfather spending hours in the summer pulling weeds out of the pebble driveway. He’d actually lie down to do it. I hope he had some rest and relaxation benefit, because otherwise, what a way to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon!

A thought occurred to me the other day about the weeds poking up on a stone walk I have, and that is to sprinkle the gaps between the stones with a low growing flowering groundcover like thyme. This way the “weeds” would be colorful and add a lot to the general ambiance. This technique would be in the lines of a “be smart” approach, such as changing the material of the walkway or patio to block the weeds to begin with.

Otherwise, the best I can offer for helping to remove weeds from these high attention areas is to pour straight 5 percent white distilled vinegar on the weeds (make sure not to pour this on flowers), or simple boiling water. Both have worked for me. Be persistent!


Natasha Salgado
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Love the walkway...thanks 4 the info!

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thanks for the article

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Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for the advice.

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Ann Breeden
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Thanks for the post. I'll have to try that vinegar.

Lydia Price

Boiling water and vinegar kill earthworms and pillbugs. What a horrible way to die.