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Ask Annie

Pay As You Throw

Dear Annie, I am a ho-hum recycler and need some inspiration. Ideas? --Kate, MI Dear Kate, How is saving green by being green for inspiration? Many municipalities, both large and small, are ini…


What is Quinoa Flour? Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I see quinoa flour at the health food store, and since it is gluten-free and I am on a gluten-free diet, I'd like to buy it, but I don't know what to do with it, or what it is. --Kathy, C…


Fruit Flies? Ask Annie

Dear Annie, How do I get rid of those pesky fruit flies? --Richard, VA Dear Richard, Very ripe fruit always seems to draw fruit flies and they seem to pop in out of nowhere! One way to eliminate…


What is Whitewash? Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I recently came back from Scotland it appears that many of the houses are treated with whitewash. What is it? What is its benefit? --Judith, NY Dear Judith, Whitewash is made of mason…


How to Dry Corn Husks? Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I've wanted to find out about this and you're the only one I can find to ask about it. We've been eating a lot of corn lately and I hate throwing away all those husks when I know that the…


Safe Shoe Polish? Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I am trying to live as free of toxic materials as possible, both for my health and the planet, but I am stumped by shoe polish. What can I use that works and that is safe? --Mel, WA De…


Electricity Use Monitors: Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I am so frustrated with trying to reduce my carbon footprint. I hardly know what to prioritize or where to start. What do you suggest? I live in cold Vermont. --Carolyn, VT Dear Caroly…


Chemical Dangers in Car Seats: Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I am pregnant and read recently about a study reporting that car seats contain toxic ingredients that can cause health problems including learning impairment, cancer, and more. Help! What…


Can’t Find Washing Soda? Ask Annie

Hello Annie, I am a recent convert to green cleaning. I have a 2-year-old daughter with health problems and I want to make my home as non-toxic as possible for her. The problem I have run into is tha…


Germ-Free Hands: Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I have to admit I am scared of germs because I work in NYC but don't live in NYC, so I use a lot of public restrooms, both on the commuter trains and elsewhere. I don't want to use the d…


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These all sound so good... I copied them and put them in my recipe folder!! Thanks bunches!!

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