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daily catscopes

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Your assistance is vital to one special friend's day, so make sure you're available -- even if that means barreling through doorways after them! Your energy should eventually tip the balance for them.

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Elisabeth T.

My pisces cats are very low-key...

carolina d.

aww! this is so cute,my cats are pisces and libra :D

Berny P.


Jennifer C.

Everyday is a good day! Thanks for sharing.

Zee Kallah

The house is always important because that is the area in which the planet or the aspect or the sign emanates influence.

One could study astrology for a lifetime and still not comprehend all the nuances. And what a waste!

I delight in intricacies and big words ROFLOL

Even though I know better!

Unleash the ego and play with intellectuals. Never let them know I never graduated high school. Got me a GED. though.

Ah, the subtle lures of narcissism!

ZEE! knock it off.


Zee Kallah

I was able to help many people through analyzing their natal chart. It always showed me the predominant problem in their life and also presented the solution.

However, I could not get prognostic charts to work. It interested me how the most famous of the astrologers, following a major event, would "whine", why didn't I see that? Well, I couldn't see that either.

Could be because many experts claim the charts are off about two signs. But, still the natal (birth) charts could be accurately interpreted to the person's life!!!!

Many and many the mystery of secret things as if the powers that be would measure out, degree by degree, enough to titilate but never to satisfy.

Zee Kallah

In the past, I've done a great deal of work with astrology. But it is only a tool. It is as useful as you use it. Just a tool.

And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and tokens (of God's provident care) and (to mark) seasons, days and years. Amplified version

These are energies and influences, not rulers of life.

Krys Suicidal World Saver

lol My cat is a Pisces like her momma! I love this xD

Linda S.

hahaha. my cat is a pisces. the fish sign

Elisabeth T.

purr, purr, purr....

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