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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recently you've had this idea that your efforts never seem to add up to quite as much as you'd like. What you're learning during your journey, however, is a lot more valuable than easy success would be.

What's Your Life Path?

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Ann Cole

there are just no answers to the questions I have....

Elwood H.

My girlfriend and I wish to extend our thanks to the "Daily Dose of Astrology" staff for returning the "Change Sign" box to the site. We enjoy reading each others personal horoscope sections as well as well as our own for the day to see how they matched up.

Elwood H.

I do not like how you redesigned the site and removed the other signs as I can no longer click on my sweetheart's sign to see if we are in synch for the given day.

Anneliese B.

I forgot to add that it's with my husband. I'm lazy, but I felt a spark to get more connected to him by working out together.

Anneliese B.

How funny. I just started an exercise routine like the horoscope for 2/21/11 suggested.

Cyrille D.

So very accurate it's hard not to believe !

Christine McRae

Wow...mine and the horoscope for my girlfriend go absolutely hand in hand...and really fits with stuff I've been dealing with lately. Thanks!

Kimberley Baerman

I'm always passionate, it's just my nature!

Dianne D.


Ranjith G.

very nice day

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people are talking

Off by a day - That was yesterday ;)

Surprisingly accurate

I thought I saw a full moon outside my window this evening, Wednesday, May 14....

N J. N J.
on Cosmic Calendar
75 days ago

Glad to see astrology back on here!

Good advice :) and exactly what I have been doing over the past month.