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Saturday, March 30, 2013

You may not be comfortable with taking heavy-duty prescription sleeping pills to deal with recurring bouts of insomnia, especially when there are all-natural alternatives. Treat yourself instead to a bedtime snack that combines tryptophan and complex carbs; think cheese and whole wheat crackers or bran cereal with skim milk. You'll be sleeping better in no time!

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Beverly G.

mins true always is

Hollie Ferguson

This is interesting...I was actually toying with the idea of feng shui. I think this must be a sign to actually research.

Kathy B.

Kudos to San Jose,California. Plastic bags should be banned in retail markets throughout the country. we would all get used to the idea when it's forced on us since we are creatures of habit we just need to be retrained :)

Kathy B.

Thanks for the tip :)

Kathy B.

Thanks for the tip :)

Joy Mcronald

Thank you.

Cathy A. H.

Gee, I never knew my toothbrush recycles. Too bad the author didn't suggest how/where information :(

Mandy H.

We did? Good for us, clearly Julia Gillard is good for something.

Beverly G.

OMG my stars for today are so true. . I also agree with KASHI NEWELL , u are so right about Aries. I dontlike being Aries , i feel its/am a nitemare.

Aleksandra Lipka-kadaj

...but watch out for fruit flies!

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people are talking

Off by a day - That was yesterday ;)

Surprisingly accurate

I thought I saw a full moon outside my window this evening, Wednesday, May 14....

N J. N J.
on Cosmic Calendar
77 days ago

Glad to see astrology back on here!

Good advice :) and exactly what I have been doing over the past month.