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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You're always ready to dive into the deep end of the pool, especially when it comes to eco-issues dear to you. It may be best to develop a plan of attack first. Sizing up a situation first gives you a better idea on how to proceed. Finding out exactly what types of veggies grow best in your environment can beat your usual trial and error method.

What's Your Karma?

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Darlene B.

Right on! Necessity - not luxury is what matters most. The destruction of Mother Earth makes me sick. You can't eat money. Blessings to all who love and care for Mother Earth.

Elizabeth M.

I already use vinegar and baking soda for a lot of cleaning. Can lemon juice in the bottle be used if no fresh lemons available in house?
Yes that nasty soap scum just seems to always come back, just like the cat came back. :)

Elizabeth M.

Trying to do all I can to lessen my footprint, Mother Earth needs all the help we can give right now!

Mary Ann

Clearing out clutter and donating clothes and useable items is always good advice. That is what I'm already focusing on. Guess this reading and advise is another heads up for me to get moving! Thanks for the post!

Elizabeth M.

I feel that it is great that celebs use their fame to be eco-warriors and bring global consciousness to even more people. A lot of people love the celebs...but you forgot Robert Redford and many others. Guess you can't list them all.

Elizabeth M.

I am definitely a Leo. Like the tea, but catnip....uh I am not so sure.

Mary Ann

So far the opportunities I've found today are:
1. Valentine peanut butter m&m's at half price.
2. Cute small red, pink and white jelly beans at half price for my granddaughter.
3. A friend that owns a Chinese restaurant gave my husband and I our meals at half price for a belated Valentine's Day gift.
My mind must be on food! But hey, I thank The Divine, my Leo horoscope and the Universe!

Elizabeth M.

My New Year's resolution is not to buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary, and before I do I will think it over for at least 1 week.

Carolee H.


Darlene B.

Always try to be as green as possible, (not color, living, lol). My grandmother always used apple cider vinegar for just about everything.

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people are talking

I see what you mean Sue

Thanks for sharing.

Janis K. Janis K.
on Pisces GreenScopes
110 days ago

Rather sad that Care2 has not updated these

Great advice - thanks!

Amy L. Amy L.
on Aquarius GreenScopes
171 days ago

Off by a day - That was yesterday ;)

Elle D. Elle D.
on Gemini GreenScopes
194 days ago