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daily singles-love

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Communication and planning are favored this morning, so how about making the most of it vis-a-vis the chance for romance? Make some phone calls and get your social calendar in order for the next week.

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madeleine watt

right on the money in the romance department today! Thanx.

madeleine watt

madeleine watt

I am full of energy and feeling very happy so far today! hope you are too!

Leah C.
  • Leah C. says
  • Oct 18, 2011 1:00 PM

Ahhh, there's this new guy.. Potential there?

Leah C.
  • Leah C. says
  • Sep 3, 2011 10:12 AM

I'm really sad that I was just told to create an online ad to improve my dating life.. Smh.

Kathryn Queen

Im fed up with the sh*t that precedes all the "emotional healing". People dont really love each other, they love themselves - when you make yourself look good etc its to seek to satisfy self-desires. The only truly selfless love is between loving parents and their kids, or arguably for our pets because they too are dependant on us, although I guess even keeping domestic pets can arguably be seen as a form of "loved, protected, provided-for imprisonment".. Yes, I am "Mrs Disillusioned with the human race" today. Bored and tired, I need a 'treat', and an explanation of what the hell happened to me & my family since 2007 would also be good. Whats the point of someone saying they "love you more than you realise" if you dont perceive that love in any form whatsoever???

Kaitlyn K.

I think the only time I like it when the advice given to me is what I already intend to do is when it's my horoscope .

Hilary K.

I really thought things were going right ... with a fellow Cancerian! Then out of the blue, STOP and backtrack .... sigh

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people are talking

I see what you mean Sue

Thanks for sharing.

Janis K. Janis K.
on Pisces GreenScopes
113 days ago

Rather sad that Care2 has not updated these

Great advice - thanks!

Amy L. Amy L.
on Aquarius GreenScopes
174 days ago

Off by a day - That was yesterday ;)

Elle D. Elle D.
on Gemini GreenScopes
197 days ago