Attract Positivity With Kundalini Meditation

In this video I teach a Kundalini meditation called Purify the Subtle Body. The subtle body is the part of us that attracts opportunities, positivity and good news. This meditation strengthens your subtle body so you become a magnet for miracles. Practicing this meditation will make you shine bright and connect to the Universe.

In the video I breakdown the meditation and guide you along with the music. If you need further clarification please see the instructions below. Feel free to leave questions or remarks in the comments below.

Mudra: Sitting in easy pose (cross legged) with a straight spine, place the arms down by the sides, backs of the palms on the ground next to the sides of the body.

Movement: As you inhale, raise the arms over the head, until the two palms overlap a few inches above the your head (known as the tenth gate). The right hand will be a few inches above the head. The left palm will lie flat on top of the back of the right hand. The thumbs do NOT touch. (Note: Yogi Bhajan very specifically keeps the thumbs separated when the hands overlap over the top of the head.)

Breath: Make your mouth into an “O.” Inhale through the “O” as you raise the arms over the head, and exhale through the “O” as you lower the hands back down to the ground.

Chant: The music in the video is the “Tantric Har.” On the first “Har” raise your arms up. On the second “Har” your arms go down. Continue in this rhythmic movement. Pull in on the navel and the diaphragm as you do the movement.

Time: If you’re new to Kundalini meditation, begin with 3 minutes. If you want to go big then practice this meditation for 11 minutes a day.

End: Inhale deeply. Immediately interlace the hands over the head, elbows straight, and begin to deeply stretch the body right to left, and left to right, without letting go of the hands.

Continue as you hold the breath for 15 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 3 times total. Relax.


Sabine I.
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must try! thank u

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Carole H.3 years ago

will try sometime thank you

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.3 years ago

Is it safe? I've heard that Kundalini can be dangerous and can even lead to self-ignition and make one burn down.

N M.
N M.3 years ago

Hadn't heard of this meditation before. Thanks

Donna Hamilton
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Thanks for the info.

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Thank you.

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Awesome Gabby. Hope this goes around the world with love for everyone to share. Peace and good energy. Let it be.

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