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articles by: Isha Judd

Thinking Outside the Box

Are you a rigidly structured person? Do you feel trapped within your own ideas, as if you were in a box? If so, the big question is... are you ready to change? Just becoming aware of this rigidity …


Japanís Disaster: A Spiritual Perspective

Over the last few weeks, catastrophe and conflict have jostled for attention on newsstands around the world. It has been a month of great confusion and uncertainty, but also a reminder of just how con…


Victim or Creator?

In life, attitude is everything. The circumstances that have shaped our lives are as unique and individual as our personalities - no two are the same - yet our ability to grow as individuals, to evolv…


Overcoming Shyness

When shyness overshadows our talents, we miss out on opportunities to grow and advance, trapped in a vicious circle of insecurity and frustration. Shyness is often masked as disinterest or indi…


Whatís Missing in This Moment?

We are never completely satisfied with what is happening in this moment. In fact, the idea that we need something that is not present right now is the root of our discontent. Even when we achieve …


Giving and Receiving

The disparity of giving and receiving is often the cause of conflict in a relationship. There is almost always one who gives, gives, gives, and then is disappointed when nothing comes in return, a…


Overcoming Loneliness

Have you ever felt an emptiness that nothing seemed to fill? Maybe you attributed it to a lack of support from your loved ones, to the absence of a partner, a friend or family member. Maybe you…


Overcoming Insecurity

The modern world is an uncertain place. Sliding stock markets and new technologies transform society at a dizzying pace, and no one can say what tomorrow will bring. Of course, this has always bee…


Are You Like Your Mother?

Our mothers influence us more than anyone else in our lives. Even in adulthood, as the years go by, their legacy lives on within. Some of us adore our mothers, others fight or compete with them…


Fanaticism or Freedom?

One of the greatest tricks of the mind that keeps us in suffering is the need to be right. It's the cause of so much conflict in the world, because when we are attached to being right, we put our poin…


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Isha Judd is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author; her latest book and movie, Why Walk When You Can Fly? explain her system for self-love and the expansion of consciousness.

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